Health for your Pelvic Floor

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Hi, I’m Lola Peña,

I am a Naturopath and Ayurvedic Practitioner specialized in women health gynecology and obstetrics. Through natural therapies, we can restore and find long-term real balance.

Currently, I actively give consultations in Andalucía (Spain), in The Netherlands (Amsterdam/Haarlem) and online all over the globe.

Even though my public is more focused on women, and my goal is to activate the self-connecting journey for women empowerment through ancient wisdom, I also receive male patients which are waking up and are interested in connecting to themselves as well, taking active responsibility for their lives. This is beautiful to see and needed for our evolution. Are you one of them? Welcome!


Ayurveda For All

Ayurveda for children, teenagers, males and elders. From prevention, to chronic diseases, from short term treatments to long term programs for full balance! Check our packages in our section Ayurveda for all.


Ayurveda For Women

It is a fact that women are different, anatomically, physiologically, emotionally, and that´s the beauty of our complexity.

I am specialized on women health. Let me guide you to restore and find your balance in all levels.

Check our packages and services in Ayurveda for women here.


Online Consults

Are you out of Andalucía (Spain) or far away from Haarlem (The Netherlands)? We can guide you with an easy personalized program to restore your health through distance, with follow-ups from your home, meet us online.

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