8-9 months plan Ayurveda Sayoni care8-9 Months Plan

Shall we address from today your long-term imbalance? Get closer support with our 8-9-months-package paying less and according to your needs! We will guide you in how to gain your health back!

What includes our Treatment 8-9 Months Plan?

  • 4 sessions of 90 minutes complete check-up in place: 80 euros x 4 = 320 euros
  • 4 sessions of 30 minutes follow up video-conference after 4-5 weeks: 39 euros x 4 = 156 euros
  • 2  Abhyanga massages 60 minutes each (plus 10-15 mins svedana if suitable): 75 euros x 2 = 150 euros
  • 30% discount in our external treatments (2 times during the 9 month period starting from the moment you buy it).

Payments facilities for 600 minutes of support: Total 626 euros

  • 1 payment: 498 euros. Save 128 euros
  • 4 payments (every 2 months) of 135 eurosTotal 548 euros, save 80 euros
  • 8 payments (monthly) 71,6 euros. Total 573 euros, save 53 euros

What do you get with our 8-9 Months Plan?

You get an advised program completely adjusted to your needs and interests which are beneficial for you. Follow-ups are done sooner, so you will not lose the motivation between appointments and we can have a closer overview and clear evaluation.

  • A suitable diet and list of foods for your current health situation, age, climate, season, etc. that makes sure that your digestive capacity works optimum
  • How to manage your stress levels to manage your life efficiently, choosing the technic that is better for your constitution. Pranayama, meditation, relaxation, etc.
  • Style of life revision and adjustment for your health state
  • Emotional support, what emotion is blocking you
  • What kind of exercises are suitable for you. You can get a new list of personalized asanas that support your program each time
  • You will have full awareness of why, how, what you should follow certain herbal support, We take the time for it.
  • If external treatments would be beneficial and/or recommended you get a 30% discount twice, during the 9 month period starting from the moment you buy it.
  • We will help you to incorporate the five sense therapy, and to reestablish the inner balance.

Our focus is to address a person’s health issues from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective (in case you also would like to get guidance in your spiritual development we can also cover it, helping you to connect deeper with your (dharma) mission having a more meaningful life).

*(please note that herbs are not included in the price)

¿How we do it?

We will evaluate in each session your stress levels, stress resistance, resistance towards disease, real state of your immune system, your Panchamahabutas (elements), doshas, the functioning of the dhatus (tissues) and Srotas( channels), how your organs are functioning, how much energy they take from your body, the state of your chakras and of course, the state of your digestive capacity, which will increase your awareness and understanding of the functioning of your body and the real state of your health.

This visual awareness increases the motivation towards staying centered and focus towards your goals. After the session you can take your report at home and compare previous treatments and consultations, to have full spectrum about the evolution.

In case a treatment will be made during the session, it makes it easier for the patient, to evaluate also its effectiveness.

Sometimes just feeling good is not enough! ?