About us

Let us expand the knowledge, which supports the healthy women empowerment, and bring balance to our female temples in a conscious and sustainable way!


We make things to happen

Sayoni Care – Female Care is a medium created to expand secret ancient and modern knowledge related to woman health. All without limits or borders, through our products, our posts, treatments, sessions, public or private lectures, workshops and future retreats!

We promote sustainable tips, ideas, and products. They make the world around us and inside of us practical, caring, beautiful and most of all conscious! We want to awake your inner Goddess and empower your capabilities by sharing the information and long-lasting goods.

All the products that we are promoting have been tested and meet the ethics and values that we believe in. Always with respect to Mother Earth, connecting us with Nature on a deeper level. Cutting down the waste and reducing the consumption system that we live in. We know that a good product can last much longer or even last forever when they are treated with love.

Our Passion: We are the motor of life

We really believe that all the Ladies should get together. We shall support each other’s in the journey through the life, like women use to in the old times. Women should have more chances to feed the female temples and souls.

It is so important for all of us to take some time off from daily duties. Only then we can re-connect with Mother Nature, with inner self and with the divine female power of the womanhood.

We would love to create a common female platform to connect, express, share and exchange the wisdom.

Our Goal: Every woman counts

We are interested in sharing the ancient wisdom from the oldest civilizations. Our main focus is Ayurveda, but also resonate with Chinese Medicine, Tao, Tantra, Siberian Shamanism, etc. Our goal is to help women finding their balance at all the levels- physically, emotionally, energetically and of course psychologically. And to help men developing their female caring qualities which are inside of every human being.

Gathering together helps us recharge our batteries by gaining energy and inspiration from each other’s input.

Our Mission: If we want to change the world let’s start with ourselves!

We cannot change the world, but we can connect and reconnect with ourselves many times, in many layers and with other women. Then slowly, slowly change our own reality. Our goal is to help women to reconnect with their digestion (related to food, emotions, thoughts, etc.), with their womb and with their higher self- so they can find their balance.

We are closer than ever to our Dharma, every step brings us closer to the home feeling, since we have been foreigners for many years from our country of origin. This is a perfect sign that we should continue going deeper into this path, especially when the energy flows in such a magic way!

Let your prejudices to sink, since they are not needed for your new journey towards freedom!

Welcome to this safe space!

Sayoni Care Team