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Ayurvedic Nutrition

The goal of the Ayurvedic nutrition is to adjust the dietary program to each individual according to their metabolism. Ayurveda does not isolate vitamins, minerals or other micro-nutrients since the body functions as a unit and different systems overlap in their functions and relationships. This is the only way to make it a successful long-term.

Constitutional nutrition we can see it as the understanding of the metabolic nature, recognizing the digestive capacity, the real assimilation of nutrients and identifying the signs when we are not digesting and assimilating hat we eat. Unfortunately, modern nutrition misses these points. The digestion and assimilation depend on enzyme function, from our Agni, our fire, our digestive capacity.

What are the enzymes?

Atreya Smith describes it as the following: Special proteins that bind themselves to other particles for the purpose of transforming them. They speed up a biological process in the body having specific actions and roles, helping to transform nutrients in the body without being altered or used up in the process. They are quite sensitive and can be disabled by excess acidity or alkaline PH in the body. They are concerned in all the digestive and cellular process.

Enzymes are becoming a field of major study in the biochemical world. Medicines are being made either to inhibit or accelerate different enzyme productions in the digestive process, usually the liver. Each person has a different strength of enzyme function that is why our constitution, among other things, is a reflection of the enzyme capacity to transform, anything that comes into the body. The digestive enzymes are the key to proper assimilation and for health in general.

Allergies = Lack of enzymes

Most of our digestive enzymes come in the first six to twelve months of a baby´s life in the form of mother´s milk and early food consumption. Population enzymes change according to culture and food as genetics and the mother pass them on. A small percentage is acquired over time by the child (around 10%). The majority of the food allergies is due to a lack of enzymes, often due to a short breastfeeding period.

People only assimilate 70 to 80 percent of what they consume, while in other cases is less than 50%. When the level of assimilation drops, then so do the energy levels. This is one of the key factors behind chronic fatigue syndrome, low vitality, and even autoimmune system.

Ayurvedic nutrition Sayoni Care

Enzyme function per doshic constitution:

  • Vata: Irregular and variable
  • Pitta: strong and high capacity
  • Kapha: low and constant
  • Vata –Pitta: Variable or high,
  • Vata – Kapha: Variable or low
  • Pitta – Kapha: High or low
  • Vata – Pitta – Kapha: Variable or low or high

How your enzymes are functioning?