The 5 Elements Theory

We will understand how the 5 elements are manifested from the point of view of Ayurveda in our organism. Once we understand the elements we can better understand the 7 types of constitutions (doshas).

Theory 5 elements space Sayoni Care

Everything needs space in order to move. In the body, we can find it in our mouth, nose, ears, respiratory system, stomach, blood vessels, in the cells… to mention some. The organ for hearing is the ear, which gets manifested through speaking.

The qualities and attributes are the following: sound, lightness, clarity, not cold, not hot in temperature, not full but neither empty, expansion, segregation, integration, and divergence between others. Its effect is dehydrating and participates in the edemas absorption together with the air.

Example: In excess: can cause deformations as osteoporosis. Emotionally: lost sensation feeling. When is decreased some solid tumors or organ hypertrophy can appear. Emotionally: Pain due to emptiness.


Theory 5 elements air Sayoni Care

Everything which is mobile and needs from movement. In the body, we find it in the nerve system, through the muscle activity, heartbeats, lungs’ movement, stomach, and intestines. The organ from the perception of the touch is the skin and the organ from its action is the hand.

The qualities and attributes are the following: Lightness, clarity, roughness, mobile, discontinuity, and untouchability between others. Its effect is calming, stimulating, healing, dehydrating that is also why is beneficial.

Example: In excess, we can feel heartbeats. Emotionally: exhaustion. When it is decreased some paralysis or obstructions can be manifested. Emotionally: Stacked feeling.


Theory 5 elements fire Sayoni Care

Transformative element thanks to its energy which makes possible the metabolic functions in the body. One of the main functions is in the digestive tract but is also present in the grey matter of the brain manifesting the intelligence and intellect. It manages the body temperature and the perception (eyes). It also rules the walking motion and is linked to the feet.

The qualities and attributes are the following: Light, intermittent, sharp, bright, heat, dry and spreads fast between others. It is very much needed for the gastric juice and digestion.

Example: In excess can cause inflammation, fever or ulcers. Emotionally: rage, irritability. When its decreased can be manifested through hyper-pigmentation or anemia. Emotionally: The feeling of not being able to transform.


Theory 5 elements water Sayoni Care

Our body is formed by the 70% of water, which we can find in the liquid and slimy matters, in the vital body fluids, in the blood, mucous and sexual fluids between others. It rules the taste and the perceptive organ is the tongue.

The qualities and attributes are the following: fluidity, humidity, downwards movement, sliminess between others. Its actions will depend on the attributes combined with other elements. For example, when it is mixed with earth the effect will be to nourish.

Example: In excess can create edemas, abscesses, etc. Emotionally: everything flows so much that we can feel like if we miss things due to the speed While in decreased dehydration. Emotionally: feeling like the muddy water, not being able to see clear neither our goals.


Theory 5 elements earth Sayoni Care

The Earth holds and gives stability to all the alive and inanimate substances. In the body represents all the solid structures, bones, cartilages, muscles, nails, tendons, skin and tissues between others. It governs the smell and its organ of perception is the nose. It is related to the anus activity.

The qualities and attributes are the following: Solid, strength, firmness, slowness, inactivity, density and volume between others. Its actions depend on its proportion and its combination to the other elements.

Example: In excess can create tumors and obesity. Emotionally: Difficulties in changing patterns or ideas. in decreased can cause tremendous weight loss. Emotionally: Feeling imbalanced.