kapha dosha Sayoni Care

Kapha is ruled by water and earth. They are stable, confident, fertile but can become lethargic, slow and stacked easily.  They can easily eat too much especially sweets but they have good resistance to disease. Kapha governs the senses of smell and taste.

Physical aspects

  • Body Structure: Well develop and strong bone structure, with a tendency towards being overweight. Their joints are lubricated and their veins and tendons are not so visible.
  • Weight: Easy to gain it, hard to lose it.
  • Skin: Cool, soft, pale, lustrous, and oily skin with the tendency to have a ¨puffy¨look due to their water retention.
  • Hair: Darker, abundant, lustrous, thick and soft. Usually has some waves.
  • Eyes: Black or blue in color, attractive, sexy and with long and thick eyelashes.
  • Nails: Pale or pink in color, strong and big with a rectangular shape.
  • Nose: Straight and well formed.
  • Lips: Voluptuous, thick and lighter in color.
  • Teeth: Regular, white, strong and healthy.
  • Body Temperature: Tendency to cool hands and feet.
  • Sweat: Moderated but with a sweet smell.


  • Digestion: Regular but slow, they love sweets. Constant appetite but do not miss the breakfast.
  • Thirst: Not much.
  • Stools Movement: Soft and thick
  • Taste: Spicy, bitter and astringent.
  • Menstruation: Regular and moderate. It lasts less.

Other personal aspects

  • Sleep: Deep without interruptions. They can sleep a lot.
  • Speech: Soft and sweet.
  • Speed: Slow and ¨heavy¨.


Mind and emotions: They need more time to understand things, but when they do they have a great memory. They are usually happy, healthy, peaceful, introspective and romantic. When out of balance they have the tendency to be greedy, attached, introverted, jealous and possessive. They spend more energy regarding the emotions so they can easily fall into depressive patterns losing motivation. Family orientated, people who you can trust, steady and great administrative when it comes to money.

Relation to the environment

  • Love relationship: Romantic, good lovers and with good stamina regarding intimate relationships, they can make love three to four times per week without losing much energy. They need action so sex is good for them to avoid lethargy. They are good for long-lasting relationships.
  • Friendships: They know how to keep their friendships in a loving and caring way, usually they do not have many friends and they conserve the relationships from the childhood.
  • Immune system: Strong, good resistance against disease.
  • Environment, climate: They do not tolerate well the cold and wet climates and tend to be aggravated during the coldest months, at the end of the winter and at the beginning of the spring.