Pitta dosha Sayoni Care

Pitta is ruled by fire. The fire can give kind, soft and comfortable warmth, but can also be devastating and overwhelming burning everything with its bad temper, fury, and rage. They have strong circulation, prone to heat or blood problems later in life. Their blood is more acidic in nature. Pitta governs the sense of the eyesight.

Physical aspects of Pitta dosha

  • Body structure: Medium. Tendons and veins less prominent than Vata.
  • Weight: Moderated, easy to gain and to lose it.
  • Skin: Reddish or yellowish. Sensitive, soft and warm. They have the tendency towards eczema, acne, and freckles.
  • Hair: Thin, soft, blond or red. They tend to have grey hair or boldness at an early stage.
  • Eyes: Sharp and deep, usually are grey, green or ¨copperish¨in color.
  • Nails: Soft and sometimes a bit yellow.
  • Nose: Pointed
  • Lips: Soft, large and thin, red in color.
  • Teeth: Regular, medium size, a bit weak.
  • Body temperature: They are never cold
  • Sweat: In abundance and with a strong smell.


  • Digestion: Good appetite and digestive system. The tendency to eat and drink big amounts and if they do not eat when hungry become irritable.
  • Thirst: Often
  • Stools Movement: Urine and feces more abundant with a tendency towards soft or diarrhea.
  • Taste: Sweet, bitter and astringent
  • Menstruation: Regular, but last longer than usual.

Other personal aspects

  • Sleep: Moderated
  • Speech: They can speak less than Vata, with a purpose, direct and sharp. They can easily hurt.
  • Speed: decided.


Mind and emotions: They are efficient, precise, structured mentally and physically. They understand easily, they are intelligent by nature. Possible tendency to be irritated, hate, be angry, jealousy and rage when they are under pressure, but when in balance they can easily adjust, they are warm, sensitive, smart and have compassion. They know what they have to do and they do it. They can be good initiators, talkers, dealers, administrators, directors.

Relation to the environment

  • Love relationship: Fiery and intense but with low patience. In order to maintain good health, they should not have intimate relationships more than twice per week, in order to have the energy for their planned agenda.
  • Friendships: With a goal or shared interest.
  • Immune system: Stronger but with a tendency to inflammation
  • Environment and climate: They cannot handle well the heat that is why they get aggravated during the hottest months of the year, during summer.