Prakriti our goal for optimum health Sayoni Care

Prakriti, our goal for optimum health

Prakriti is the physical and mental unique constitution per person. It is fixed at the moment of conception related to the conditions and environment during the fertilization moment, the mind and body from the parents and the combination of the 5 elements. It is said that also depends on our Karma: ¨Who I am today is affected by who I was yesterday, who I will be tomorrow will depend on my current progress¨.

The elements determinate the physical constitution, while the attributes (gunas) the psychology and together with the percentage of the amount of each dosha we can determinate our Prakriti and estate for functional and energetic health.

Each person has a unique way of finding balance.

The physical aspects, psephology, the digestive capacity, the metabolism, the personal tendencies, the relation to the environment, for others help to identify the Prakriti. It can be detected in any season but in order to make sure that is accurate and is not covered by the current constitution (imbalances) is better to observe the person during summer, Winter and especially in the raining season and fall. The knowledge of the doshas is essential in order to understand our Prakriti and our tendencies towards diseases in order to reach balance.

Prana, Tejas, and Ojas:

The essence from the doshas is Prana (related to Vata), Tejas (related to Pitta) and Ojas (related to Kapha)

  • Prana is not exactly the air, but the vital energy which allows us to live and fight diseases. Its vehicle is the oxygen.
  • Tejas is the absence which allows to open and connect with the three levels; body, mind, and spirit.
  • Ojas is the subtle essence which maintains the body, the mind, and the spirit together and integrated per individual. Also is linked to the quality of our immune system.

Pakriti goal for optimum health Sayoni Care


Qualities – Gunas

There are 20 qualities which have their actions in nature and in our body. Each effect per individual is different due to our unique constitution. They work in a dynamic and interactive way. Organic and inorganic substances, thoughts and actions contain these attributes. Each dosha has their own assigned ones.

¨Like increases like an opposite’s reduce¨. Once we understand this statement life become so clear, logic and simple. Example: If your skin you might want to apply hydration and nourishment, isn’t? We can apply this logic of using the opposites to everything in case we are searching for balance. It only requires practice and observation.

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha have their own attributes, it is good to know them so we can make a reflection about them, with time and experience we can easily identify them in anything! It is such a simple practice which gives a bit understanding about how the body and mind functions, and how Ayurveda works in the logic during the journey of finding balance.

  • Vata: Cold, dry, light, subtle, mobile, clear, rough
  • Pitta: Hot, slightly oily, light, subtle, mobile, sharp, penetrating,
  • Kapha: Cold, oily, sticky, heavy, thick, stable, dull, soft