vata dosha sayoni care


Since Vata is formed by ¨Air¨ and ¨Space¨ elements, it is governed by the change and instability. The body tends to change fast, from the soft breeze to the Hurricane. Vata governs the senses of hearing and Touch.

Physical aspects

  • Body Structure: Tall or Small. Thinner bones with prominent veins and tendons.
  • Weight: Hard to gain it, easy to lose it.
  • Skin: They are usually darker, with dry, rough and cold skin.
  • Hair: a Curly tendency, dry and not much.
  • Eyes: Small, dry, active, alive, maybe a bit sunken in.
  • Nails: Breakable, weak and rough.
  • Nose: Tendency to aquiline type.
  • Lips: Dry, Small, tendency to bleed when getting dryness due to air and cold.
  • Teeth: Irregular.
  • Body Temperature: Tendency to cold hands and feet.
  • Sweat: Not much.


  • Digestion: Variable, irregular. They can eat a lot or forget about meals.
  • Thirst: Irregular.
  • Stools Movement: They are usually hard, dry and not much, with a tendency towards gas and constipation.
  • Taste: Sweet, sour, salty. They prefer warm and comforting food than colder ones. The tendency towards poor quality foods.
  • Menstruation: It tends toward more irregular and the cycle takes 1 month or longer.

Other personal aspects

  • Sleep: Some days they sleep good, other ones just very lightly and with interruptions. They might suffer from insomnia when out of balance and dream about movement.
  • Speech: They can speak a lot and fast. Sometimes erratic.
  • Speed: Fast and with lightness.


Mind and emotions: They can learn quickly but also forget fast. Memory is not their strength. They can be indecisive and need more time and effort when they have to make a decision. They are active, creative, restless, unstable, nervous, fearful and anxious. They love changes and can be great thinkers, natural teachers, travelers, adventurers, spiritual leaders.

Relation to the environment

  • Love relationship: Changeable, cold, hard to feel satisfied, so they have more relationships. They enjoy the process. It is advised not to have more than 1 orgasm per week since more it will weaken their energy.
  • Friendships: Sociable, they can make Friends easily, the tendency to superficial conversations, probably do not last long.
  • Immune system: Since they are very active they lose more energy so they have the tendency to have their immune system weaker than the other types. In order to avoid disease, they need to rest more.
  • Environment, climate: They prefer warmth and sun. Is not good for them to work with air conditioners, vans etc, and where too much traveling s involved. Vata gets aggravated in the fall and at the beginning of the winter. Also every time we change seasons.