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Ayurvedic Sayoni recipes by Sayoni Care

We pay attention to what we ingest. We consider important what is our relationship to food and in what way is prepared. The thoughts, intentions, environment, all matters. Since our main goal is to inspire you to connect with yourself, one of the most important aspects of that journey is getting to know your metabolism and your digestive capacity! Both can make a big impact on our health but also in our emotions and psychology. Welcome to the Sayoni recipes section!

This section will be dynamic, we will be loading recipes in order to inspire you to create your ¨Sacred Moment¨ also through food. Let´s heal from the inside out with consciousness. Our metabolism works the best through regularity, the body wants regular meals without many conflicts in taste, at regular times. The more regular the diet, the happier the body will feel. This can feel a bit boring due to our psychological addiction towards change, but our personal power and freedom start with our choice of going beyond the destructive social conditioning.

Freedom and health only come with knowledge!


How to correct the digestion and metabolism

When a person gains weight it can be due to inappropriate food choices and habits or improper metabolic functioning. The same goes for the other way around. Ayurveda considers that weight is lost naturally when the body functioning becomes balanced consuming whole foods, locally grown, in the season and per the constitution. Numerous diseases and complaints can make our metabolism to function incorrectly; hormonal imbalance, wasting diseases, autoimmune disorders to mention a few.

If you are overweight, of course, the first step is to eat less and change your food according to your constitution, eliminating refined foods and sugar and using the correct spices. Change it progressively never drastically in order to do not stress the body and mind. In most of the cases, this approach is not based on limitations but in being open to replace certain things for others ones that are more suitable for our metabolism.

Support through Spices

In the past the spices had more value than the gold, what is the logic behind it? They support, help and restore our digestive capacity, protecting our enzymes, which means that they have enormous benefits when we want to approach a high-quality healthy life and longevity. If you do not know where to start or how to use them, and you already know your constitution, can start with below ones:

  • Vata: Cardamon, fennel, cumin, and asafetida
  • Pitta: Cumin, fennel, and coriander
  • Kapha: Ginger, black pepper, fenugreek and cumin

We hope that you will enjoy this section and we can inspire you in a healthy way!

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Big long hug to all the sisters in the globe!

Sayoni Care Team

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