Join the Cloth Pad Revolution!

Full cycle menstrual pads Sayoni Care

We are very happy to announce that Sayoni Care is ambassador of this beautiful project! What is Eco femme? Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010. Based in Tamil Nadu, India, their goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and […]

Doubts about using Menstrual Cups?


Did you have a bad experience while trying to use your menstrual cup in the past? We still remember how were the first medical grade silicon cups about 12-15 years ago, they were very hard, not so flexible and ergonomic, the vacuum effect was very present!  After that, some companies introduced into the market completely […]

What are vaginal steams?

What are vaginal steams - Sayoni Care

Vaginal steams or Yoni Steams are herbal preparations taken as steams for the ancient practice of assisting in the natural cleansing process of your female reproductive system. It opens the channels to avoid any obstruction, while we nourish and tone our womb. Between all the benefits that we will discover along, it is a great […]

Welcome to this the recipes section!

Ayurvedic recipes by Sayoni Care

We pay attention to what we ingest, we consider also important what is our relationship to food and in what way is prepared. The thoughts, intentions, environment, all matters. Since our main goal is to inspire you to connect with yourself, one of the most important aspects on that journey is getting to know your […]

What are Yoni Eggs?


Yoni eggs are gem stones with the egg shape, and they can either be drilled or undrilled, depending the different uses or wished purposes. They are introduced in the vagina for increasing energetic vibrations and strengthening the pelvic muscles between many other healing benefits. The use of this practice is around 5000 years old. This […]

We are online to remind you to water yourself!

We are online to remind you to water yourself - Sayoni Care

We are super happy to be finally online! It took us a long while since we were trying our best to compile all the information to make sure we support you and guide you through your journey! Our goal is to motivate you and inspire you to connect with yourself while you create little ¨Sacred […]