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Since the skin is the larger organ in our bodies, we should give extra love and attention! Would you like to support your adrenals in expelling toxins while bringing your own glow to the surface? Do you want to feel your skin rejuvenated, relaxed, nourished and clean? Have you already tried our Herbal Sacred Bath Ritual?

Garshana gloves - Sayoni Care

Raw Silk Ayurvedic Garshana Gloves

How to remove toxins and cellulitis at home? Ayurvedic dry brushing practice is possible without stressing your skin out! Get yours and feel the glow!

Discover our 100% Raw Silk Ayurvedic Garshana Gloves

Sacred herbal bath ritual - Sayoni Care

Sacred Herbal Bath Ritual

At least once a week you should let your skin to feel the benefits of this Organic Herbal Mixture for Sacred Bath Ritual. Your mind and Spirit will benefit as well!

Discover our Sacred Herbal Bath Ritual

Face packs - Sayoni Care

Eco-friendly Cotton Face Packs

How to get the best results from your tonic and face masks? With our un-bleeched cotton face packs you will notice a big difference using the same products.

Discover our Eco-friendly Cotton Face Packs

Razors - Sayoni Care

Sustainable safety razors

Join the no waste movement, lovely razors which are safe, economical and practical! Just hold it at 30 degrees angle and no pressure is needed, enjoy it!

Discover our Sustainable safety razors

Create your sacred moment

We are here to motivate you, empower you and support you with the use of our Body Care products, in a way that you can experience all the physical benefits while you connect and pamper yourself. When our skin is clean, smooth, hydrated and nourished we feel sexy, beautiful and we cannot stop touching ourselves! Is great isn’t? Why don’t you bring that feeling to your daily routine?