Ayurveda & Acne

Ayurveda & Acne Sayoni care

According to Ayurveda, the skin is a mirror of what is happening within the body. Wrong lifestyle, dietary choices and not living in line with the season can cause a disturbance in the bodily equilibrium. So whatever is out of balance inside will also manifest outside. In Ayurvedic terms, Acne is referred to as Yauyan […]

Hair loss & Ayurveda – Root causes, prevention, natural remedies


Ayurveda point of view regarding hair loss It is a fact that more and more patients come with severe hair loss concerns, especially women. It is not weird that the cases of osteoporosis are also increasing and are usually both pathologies are interrelated in most of the cases. When I try to explain this to […]

DIY: Exfoliante naturales caseros – Ayurveda

exfoliantes naturales sayoni care

Aprende cómo hacer exfoliantes naturales caseros Los exfoliantes naturales son la mejor opción para tener una piel brillante y hermosa. ¡No necesitamos productos químicos, mucho dinero y ni mucho tiempo para hacerlos! Solo necesitamos seguir una rutina diaria y exfoliar la piel una vez a la semana. Un exfoliante debe ser lo suficientemente abrasivo para que podamos […]

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