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Why you should give a break to your senses

Why you should give a break to your senses Sayoni Care

Protecting and giving a break to the senses is often referred to as Pratyahara in Ayurvedic and Yogic terms. Already the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali taught us the eight limbs to enlightenment. Pratyahara is the 5th limb refers to us tapping into our inner laboratory without being constantly pulled away from our center by external […]

How to live your Dharma? What is Dharma?

your dharma Sayoni Care

Since ancient times people have been questioning Who am I? What is my mission in this life? What is my purpose? Living a life without asking us these questions is meaningless, since real happiness comes when we feel alive, being aware of our duty – mission, so we can have clear directions. In these modern […]

How to address depression with Ayurveda


This epidemic is affecting an estimation of 400 million people globally, being diagnosed and treated for clinical depression. A mood disorder characterized by ongoing sadness, anger, loss or frustration that lasts for weeks, months, or years and interferes with one’s abilities to work, go to school, and perform the functions of normal daily life. If […]

Mercury Retrograde – 7 Things to avoid!

Mercury retrograde things to avoid Sayoni Care

How Mercury usually affects us? Why does everybody fear mercury retrograde? Mercury rules our mind, memory, intellect, the right discernment, and communication. Usually is playful, open-minded and a bit superficial. It has an influence over our trading abilities, our skills writing articles, electronics items (like computers, telephones, etc) but also for travel, vehicles, and transportation. […]

A letter to a wild woman: loving a witch is not easy

A letter to a wild woman loving a witch is not easy sayoni care

This letter is worth to read, worth to share. For those who care and those who dare. If you think the text is too long, probably is not for you. Big thanks to Hyedra de Trivia for writing such a powerful piece. Loving a witch Loving a witch is not easy Maybe that is why so […]

Meet Saraswati: the goddess of wisdom, protector of women

Who is Saraswati? Saraswati is the goddess of speech, learning, music, creative intuition, insight and spiritual discrimination. She is one of the main goddesses of Hinduism and she is considered as the purest woman. Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom and protector of women. She is usually represented with four arms that symbolize the four aspects […]

Velas para Aries (del 21 de marzo al 19 de abril)

Velas para aries sayoni care

Las velas y los signos del zodiaco A cada persona se le asigna un color según su signo zodiacal. Conocer las características de cada una/o nos ayudará a mejorar nuestras posibilidades personales. Podemos usar las velas para nuestros rituales personales para crear un ambiente e intención mucho más poderoso y así obtener los mejores resultados. […]

Emotional blockages linked to Endometriosis

176 millions of women are officially diagnosed by endometriosis. Western medicine approach is hormonal treatment, laparoscope and later on total or partial hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and or ovaries and fallopian tubes) and hello menopause! Ayurveda approach is not symptomatic but focused on the whole system of functions, addressing each case from its root […]

Physical and Emotional Root Causes of Vaginal infections

causes of vaginal infections sayoni care

Let us understand the causes of vaginal infections. The yeast (Candida albicans which belongs to the Candida species) first attaches itself to newborn babies right when they’re born, after coming into contact with the yeast from the mother, sometimes, it is shortly after. There’s a 90% chance that the yeast is present in a baby´ […]

8 Simple asanas for the depression!

Many types of research show how practicing Yoga can help to lower anxiety and stress levels, which also benefits in the prevention of depression, speeding up its recovery. Yoga boosts brainpower. The following asanas will help you to get the right state of mind in order to overcome depression. We have compiled 8 powerful asanas for the depression. […]

Change your habits! How to overcome self-sabotage!

change your habits Sayoni Care

What is self-sabotage? Nadya Andreeva addresses this subject as;  ¨The behavior that we continue to do even though it hurts or damages us¨. Indirectly we might feel bad after it, or we will regret it, but we can not stop doing it. Does it happen to you that sometimes it is hard to understand why […]

Relax! How to remain Zen during chaos!

relax How to remain centered and calm during the chaos sayoni care

Once in a while, we might be forced to face challenging times, there is so much happening and doesn’t go as we might expect or would like. We carry a lot of conditioning regarding that life is hard and difficult and it is very easy to get out of balance, even making the situation worse. […]

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