Sex Coach, Counselling and Therapy for Couples

Sex-coach-Sex-counselling-and-Sex-Therapy-for-couples-Sayoni-CareWho says Sex is not important?

Ayurveda recognizes 3 Pillars for health; Food, sleep and sex, in order to have a happy and fulfilled life we should keep these pillars solid, making sure that they really support our well being aiming to longevity. Each constitution is different, for some is good to make love X times per week, while for others X times per month. Less or more activity creates imbalance.

Loving and open communication

Let’s identify the root cause of the current issues, releasing any blockage from the couple, either at physical or psychological level, (energetically as well, if you are open to it) creating a personalized and clear plan, we will support and adjust with respect to your needs. An objective point of view can bring your relationship to a healthier state.

Book your session and you will receive a questionary. Please fill it and send it to us within 48 hours. It will safe us time so we can get faster and better results from the first consultation.

  • First consultation: 1.5 hours – 120 Euros
  • Follow up consultation: 1 hour – 85 Euros

More about our Practitioner

Even though her public is more focused on women, and her goal is to activate the self-connecting journey for women empowerment through ancient wisdom, she also has many male patients which are waking up and are interested in holistic ancient ways of connecting to themselves, taking active responsibility for their life. Which is beautiful to see and needed for our evolution. Are you one of them? Welcome! Read her Bio here