Abhyanga Full Body Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Do you want to balance your doshas and stimulate the self-healing ability of your body, mind and spirit? Medicated oils help you to prevent, maintain or recover health. It aids towards deep relaxation, eliminating stress, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia. It nourishes and strengthen  the tissues, activating your lymphatic system and your blood circulation, slowing down the aging process. It assist detoxifying the body through the elimination of metabolic wastes, removing blockages, tension and pain.

External therapies Ayurveda Sayoni CareRegular massage is great for the body and mind!

Different specific oils are recommended depending on their core constitution, the season, and any current imbalances. This practice balances all three doshas, especially the Vata dosha, which is the root behind many imbalances and symptoms in the body and mind.

The Vata dosha governs the nervous system and its movement. Vata by nature is cold, dry, light and is constantly moving. Oils have completely the opposite qualities that are why they are great for Vata management and for the grounding support of the nervous system, addressing stress, regulating sleep patterns, decreasing the effects of aging, and much more.

Abhyanga works on the circulatory and lymph system, helping flushing toxins and wastes out, circulating vital nutrients to the tissues and cells, promoting overall health and longevity, while it stimulates the internal organs and lubricates the joints.

When abhyanga is not indicated

  • When you have a fever, chills or flu
  • When you have indigestion
  • For 2 hours after having a meal
  • Directly after taking purgatives or emetics, usually, as part of a cleanse
  • During the menstrual cycle
  • During pregnancy
  • In case of cancer, is advised to wait 5 years after the cancer is gone


  • Massage Option 1: 60 minutes – 75 Euros
  • Massage Option 2: 90 Minutes – 90 Euros
  • Massage Option 1A: 5 x 60 minutes – 335 Euros (Save 40 Euros)
  • Massage Option 2A: 10 x 90 Minutes – 810 Euros (Save 90 Euros)

It is recommended to continue the treatment with the steam treatment (Swedana) after the massage. Therefore the heat will open the pores and the oil can penetrate deeper into the skin and the tissues.

  • Massage Option 1B: 60 minutes + 10-15 min Swedana – 90 Euros
  • Massage Option 2B: 90 Minutes + 10-15 min Swedana – 105 Euros
  • Massage Option 1C: 5 x 60 minutes + 10-15 min Swedana – 395 Euros (Save 55 Euros)
  • Massage Option 2C: 10 x 90 Minutes + 10-15 min Swedana – 945 Euros (Save 105 Euros)

More about our Practitioner

My work is focused more on women since my goal is to activate the journey of self-connection for female empowerment through ancient wisdom. But I also receive a number of male patients who are interested in holistic ways of connecting to themselves, and in taking active responsibility for their lives. What is beautiful to see and extremely necessary for our evolution. Are you one of them? Welcome! Read more here