Shirodhara (Pouring oil on the head)

Shirodhara-Sayoni-CareDo you have difficulties falling asleep? Are you facing anxiety, high level of stress, or depression? The warm medicinal oils are concentrated in your third eye, washing and dragging your thoughts, reducing headaches, hypertension, leaving you with a deep sense of relaxation. Have you ever try Shirodhara pouring oil?

This treatment is not indicated

  • When you have a fever, cold or flu
  • When you have indigestion
  • For 2 hours after eating
  • During the menstrual cycle


  • Ayurvedic Massage Head, neck and shoulders + Shirodhara (Approx 90 min – 105 Euros)

  • Full body Abhyanga Massage + Shirodhara + Svedana (Approx 120 min – 140 Euros)

More about our Practitioner

My work is focused more on women since my goal is to activate the journey of self-connection for female empowerment through ancient wisdom. But I also receive a number of male patients who are interested in holistic ways of connecting to themselves, and in taking active responsibility for their lives. What is beautiful to see and extremely necessary for our evolution. Are you one of them? Welcome! Read more here