Ayurveda for Women

Yearly prevention package Sayoni Care

Yearly Prevention

Pay less & get full support during the whole year 

8-9 months plan Ayurveda Sayoni care

8-9 Months Plan

Shall we address your long-term imbalance now?

3-4 months plan Ayurveda Sayoni Care

3-4 Months Plan

Restore your small imbalance & be ready for this season!

Single consultation Ayurveda Sayoni care

Single consultation

 Learn to connect with your body-mind-soul!

Unique Personalized Consultations

It is a fact that women and men are different, anatomically, emotionally, mentally etc. We need to have the same rights as every single human being, but we should not try to be equal or above of any gender. That itself creates a conflict in our nature. The beauty and the magic rise when we accept that we are distinct. Is feminism hurting us? Are you trying too hard? Are you connected with your female side? or maybe with your male one? Let´s make sure that your hormones are balanced! We have a lot to offer you, see below!


Full Check Up Ayurveda Consultation (in place)

Prevention is the key! If you want to understand how your body and psychology functions in detail, this is for you! Ayurveda addresses the pre-symptoms of the possible symptoms before the disease is manifested, so an early action can avoid a lot of suffering and complicated chronic issues. After each session, you can take your report at home, and compared previous treatments and consultations to have full spectrum about the evolution, sometimes just feeling good is not enough! 😉

Other Services for Women


Vaginal Steaming Treatment Plan

How to start your Vaginal steam practice? Do you experience painful periods, obstruction of the menstrual flow, postpartum discomfort, lack of sexual pleasure, numbness, dryness, levels, menopausal complains between others? We can guide you through, creating a unique personalized treatment according to your needs. Customized plans are based on your individual needs and this includes a follow-up session of 20 minutes, to evaluate and support.


Breast Check Up (Radiation / Pain-Free)

Would you like to check your breast without having the risk of exposing yourself to radiation? There are other methods which allow us to see inside the tissues which are pain-free, non-invasive, safe, without side-effects, while at the same time, the infrared massage assists in the support of the circulation and healthy breast. It releases accumulated tension and provides accurate information in the detection of lumps, micro-calcifications, tumors or any other abnormalities especially in smaller and medium breasts.


Sacred Womb Healing Counselling Therapy

Connect with your sexual energy to heal! Our ¨culture¨ is full of prejudices, shame, fear, and confusion. Respect is not mainly based in honoring, trust, self-connection and really love our bodies as our temples. Any symptom is linked to an emotion, changing our thoughts we change our feelings. This work is supported with Kinesiology. We disconnected from our creative source of power once the suppression of our sexual desires was normalized, the reason why we have lost the voice in the society during the last centuries. Raise your voice, increase your pleasure for life!


Sex Coach, Counselling and Therapy for Couples

Who says sex is not important? Ayurveda recognizes 3 Pillars for health; Food, sleep and sex. In order to have a happy and fulfilled life, we should keep these pillars solid, making sure that they really support our well being aiming to longevity. For some constitution is good to make love X times per week, while for others Y times per month. Less or more activity creates an imbalance. Do you have the feeling that your relationship could improve in any area? Sharing our paths should be always light, fun and joyful, we can support you on bringing the sparkle back! Book it here!

External treatments Ayurveda Sayoni Care

External Treatments Ayurveda

Discover the wonders of the External treatments! Ayurveda has many ways of gaining, maintaining, and recovering health. From a total Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) to a partial one (head, neck, and shoulders). Udvartanam (powder massage) or covering the body with a Lepa (herbal paste), Swedana (sudation therapy), Pinda Swedhana (Herbal stamp massage with oil), Nasya (nasal treatment) Shirodhara (pouring oil in the head), Karna Purana (ear treatment) and Janu / Kati Basti (treatments for knees of back).