Lola Peña. Ayurveda Practitioner

Specialist in Ayurvedic Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Lola Peña Bharathi Ayurveda practitioner Sayoni CareI was born in Granada, Spain, raised in a family with doctors and nurses. I studied International Business Management in England and I accomplished my Master in Human Resources. After being more than 10 years in an office I had clear that I wanted to go into a more meaningful direction.

Due to my own health issues, in 2007, I tried to find natural ways of healing, studying and being certified in several ¨holistic approaches¨. I managed to heal myself and help many other people but I soon understood that a more integral approach was missing. Since in some cases the therapies were not so successful especially living in the cold Netherlands.

Searching for the key which helped me to comprehend all the different individual constitutions, I found Ayurveda Medicine. And suddenly all the pieces from the puzzle of life were in place! I became Professional Ayurvedic Therapist in Nutrition and Massage (included Marma Therapy) in ¨The Academy of Ayurvedic Studies (AAS) ¨ and ¨The European Institute of Vedic Studies¨.

¨Ayurveda helped me to heal several chronics complains that Western Medicine had no solution for, so I continued my studies in Ayurvedic Medicine along to become Ayurveda Practitioner in ASS and in Sree Krisna Ayurveda Chikitsam, in South Kerala, India.¨

Lola Peña Ayurveda Practitioner Sayoni CareAt an early age, I spotted how important is that women should support each other’s since we live in a man-made world. I assisted in hundreds of courses and workshops for women empowerment, reawakening the Womb Wisdom until I decided to start to lead my own.

I have lead numerous of women gatherings, workshops, lectures, covering many subjects related to health, psychology and giving voice to all the taboos topics with respect and love. I try my best to give the space, care, and energy that our pelvic floor needs to maintain its vitality.

Inspired to inspire others to heal themselves, within this field, (in which especially women have fewer choices), I finished my Master courses Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Arya Ayurveda, Panchakarma Clinic in Pune, India.

Currently, I actively give consultations in Andalucía (Spain), in The Netherlands (Amsterdam/Haarlem) and online all over the globe.

Even though my public is more focused on women, and my goal is to activate the self-connecting journey for women empowerment through ancient wisdom, I also receive male patients which are waking up and are interested in connecting to themselves as well, taking active responsibility for their lives. This is beautiful to see and needed for our evolution.

Are you one of them?