Sacred Womb Healing Counselling Therapy

Sacred womb healing counselling therapy Sayoni careOur ¨culture¨ is full of prejudices, shame, fear and confusion. Respect is not mainly based in honoring, trust, self-connection and really love our bodies as our temples. Women have been sexualized, and there is a strong believe that our sexuality is dirty, distorted or wrong. Women have been disconnected from their creative source of power once the suppression of our sexual desires was normalized, and that is also why we have lost voice within the society during the last centuries.

Connect with your sexual energy to heal

The most of our experiences get imprinted in our womb and when we repress its power, suffering begins. It dis-empowers us bringing us out of balance, physically, emotionally and yes, energetically. Making space for allowing us to feel, through awareness and acknowledgement. It is important to learn how to release our emotions or what to do with them, so that they do not need to find an organ to find its protective shelter. Our life force (prana) can flow freely since there are no repressed emotions creating blockages, so our ability to be happy, feel joy and pleasure increase together with all our well-being.

Feel your female power

Knowing your anatomy, embracing your rhythm and cycles, aligning them to the moon ones, exploring your feminine side and finding your moments to relax, will open the sacred door gate for healing. Book your session and you will receive a questionary. Please fill it and send it to us within 48 hours. It will safe us time so we can get faster and better results from the first consultation.


First consultation: 1.5 hours – 80 Euros
Follow up consultation: 1 hour – 65 Euros

More about our Practitioner

Even though her public is more focused on women, and her goal is to activate the self-connecting journey for women empowerment through ancient wisdom, she also has many male patients which are waking up and are interested in holistic ancient ways of connecting to themselves, taking active responsibility for their life. Which is beautiful to see and needed for our evolution. Are you one of them? Welcome! Read her Bio here