8 Surprising cardamom benefits Ayurveda

8 Surprising cardamon benefits Ayurveda sayoni care

Before we learn about the surprising cardamom benefits, let´s get to know a bit this seed. Cardamom is from the same family of ginger. We can find several types (white, black, green) but the most used worldwide is green one, although the black one is also useful in Ayurveda. Cardamom usually grows in the rainforests of southern India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Sumatra, Nepal, Thailand, and countries of Central America. Guatemala is currently the largest producer in the world, where they make chewing gum out of it. It began to import into Europe about the year 1200.

In ancient times they called it “the grain of paradise”, due to its smell qualities and because only seeds are manipulated. People consume it in the cuisine of India and Asia to cook rice, curries, desserts, bread, pastries, and for its aroma of beverages such as infusions. In the Middle East, they usually grind and toast coffee and cardamom together. They also add whole cardamom seeds to the coffee before cooking.

8 Surprising cardamon benefits Ayurveda sayoni care

From the Ayurvedic point of view:

Ayurveda considers that cardamom is spicy, sweet and with a heat effect on our organism. Directly influences the rasa dhatu, raktha dhatu and in the house dhatu dhatu. This means that its benefits affect in a very general way the metabolization and absorption of the food we eat, the blood and our nervous system. Hence, let’s see in detail what are the benefits of this very aromatic species.

8 Cardamom Benefits:

8 Surprising cardamon benefits Ayurveda sayoni care

1. Calm the mind

Cardamom gives us the necessary serenity to see things clearly. It reinforces the intellect to make a better discernment, while opening our mind, making us more flexible and serene. These seeds balance our nervous system and that is why it is recommended in cases of neuralgia. Cardamom works silently in our body but constantly.

2. Stabilizes emotions

Regulates mood changes. In Ayurveda, we can recommend daily consumption when we feel emotionally down or depressed. Its sweet flavor activates the comforting feeling and with it the positivism in our lives. It has sattvic properties.

3. It stimulates our digestive system

It is carminative (reduces flatulence), diuretic and diaphoretic (therefore activates the elimination of sweat) while stimulates and protects our digestive enzymes. The consumption of cardamom guarantees a greater absorption of nutrients in the digestive metabolic processes. Ayurveda indicates it in cases of indigestion. Its seeds act directly on the spleen, balancing our Samana Vayu (the digestive regulating air) by awakening our Agni (digestive capacity). It is important to include cardamom at any time when we want to lose weight.

4. Support your respiratory system

Cardamom also acts as an expectorant and for that reason is recommended in cases of a cough, asthma, colds, bronchitis, and loss of voice. Reduces excess Kapha in the lungs and stomach

5. Tone the body

Cardamom benefits and activates circulation by toning the heart, there avoiding possible blockages. The tissues are nourished in depth while being purified by the proper elimination of natural toxins.

6. Activate your senses

Cardamom is an excellent pacifier of Vata dosha imbalances. Its effect on the body makes us connect more with ourselves and with our environment starting with the awakening of our palate. It is indicated in case of loss of taste.

7. Reduce halitosis

Simply chewing a couple of seeds or in the form of infusion with a bay leaf and honey can help you in cases of bad breath. You can chew a few seeds of cardamom after the meals, in case you have eaten raw garlic or onion and even more if you do not want to smell.

8. Reduces ulcers

Cardamom powder mixed with honey has a very powerful antibacterial and regenerative effect, whether we talk about internal or external ulcers. Apply the mixture locally or ingest it with warm water on a regular basis.

Are you going to miss these benefits?

Include Cardamom in your diet and experience its properties!

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