Ayurveda & Acid Reflux, Symptoms and Tips

Ayurveda & Acid Reflux, Symptoms and Tips sayoni care

Acid reflux or Hyperacidity in Ayurvedic terms is referred to as Amla Pitta. Amla means sour and Pitta refers to the Dosha which gets vitiated. There is an increase of acid which causes a burning sensation in the upper part of the abdomen. Pitta aids in the digestion of food through enzymes, hormonal secretions, and digestive juices.


If there is an excess production of acid in the stomach Pitta will get aggravated leading to:

  • indigestion
  • sour or bitter belching
  • nausea
  • burning sensation in the chest
  • bloatedness
  • mouth ulcer
  • fatigue and tiredness
  • pain in the abdomen
  • abdominal distension

A few causes which can lead to Amla Pitta


Excessive use of oily and spicy foods, deep fried foods, fermented foods, and carbonated drinks. Further items such as processed meats, too much citrus fruits, fast food, chips, too much coffee, smoking, and irregular eating schedule can increase acidity in the stomach.


Leading a restless fast moving lifestyle with insufficient sleep. Also sleeping immediately after meals can lead to Amla Pitta as well as the suppression of natural urges

Mental Factors

Leading a stressful lifestyle, being dissatisfied at work and in private life, worrying a lot, jealousy, anger and fear.

Ayurveda & Acid Reflux, Symptoms and Tips sayoni care


Avoid citrus fruits, nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, paprika, potatoes) excessive salt, tea, cayenne, raw onions, coffee and spices that are to heat aggravating and prefer foods that are easy-to-digest, nourishing, grounding, sweet, bitter and astringent food helping to cleanse and strengthen the digestive system

Diet and Lifestyle

  • Try to stick to a regular eating scheme eating your biggest meal between 10 am and 2 pm
  • Favor mild spices: cumin, fennel, especially coriander
  • Eat fresh seasonal foods
  • Add leafy greens to your diet
  • Cook in coconut oil, which is cooling helping to decrease the fire element
  • Fresh pomegranate juice helps to balance Pitta
  • Prefer warm water oversold water
  • Do not combine dairy and fruit
  • When eating, only eat, do not sit behind a computer or watch television
  • Stress management: decrease mental and physical stress. Try to integrate meditation into your daily regimen helping to cultivate tranquility and decrease anxiety


Home Remedies

  • Coconut water: drink 200-500ml two times every day.
  • Aloe Vera juice: take a shot in the morning and evening
  • Add ghee in a glass of milk and drink this before a meal
  • Drink peppermint tea throughout your meal which prevents gas and bloating
  • Tulsi leaf tea (coming from the mint family) also helps to reduce excess acid production

Ayurveda & Acid Reflux, Symptoms and Tips sayoni care

How do you manage your acid reflux?


This blog post was written by Julia Blohberger from www.juliablohberger.com

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