Kapha during Spring time!

kapha during spring time Sayoni care

Kapha diet in Spring

If you have Kapha in your constitution you will probably have a resistance to change in general. Kapha during Spring can be aggravated by the increase of water and the heaviness of this season. You should stay focused on the life-giving aspects and the daily sense of renewal. Spring is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and for a fresh start. Are you ready?

You will favor from lighter and drying foods that will help to offset the increased moisture during this season. You should still be focused on astringent, pungent and bitter tastes in small meals, without snacking and lighter fare throughout the day. Experiment with a great variety of spices and increase the eating of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s preferable to have cooked foods over raw foods.

Kapha during Spring should also spring limit the intake of sugary sweets and most snacks. Instead of that, you can take sweets made from fresh fruits like fruit crumble or baked apples. Green tea may help your system but if you have a heavy day, you can go out and enjoy a bit of coffee. Yes, you heard it well!

kapha during spring time sayoni care

What to avoid Kapha during Spring

In spring, you must set aside heavy, oily or cold foods. Use just a minimum of oil to cook and reduce eating heavy or watery fruits and vegetables like avocado, banana or cucumbers. You must also reduce heavy foods like bread, pasta o soy. Avoid cold and frozen foods is the best way to not affect Agni. Also, don’t overhydrate. You do not need so much liquid intake as the other two constitutions.

kapha during spring time sayoni care


Laughter, fun, and play help Kapha to enjoy the spring. Forget the melancholy, face the sun and focus on clarity, purpose and child-like sense of joy in your life. This is the season of change so think deep about your goals and achievements.
In a material way, try to wake up before 6 am to feel the benefit of the energy of early morning and orient your hour to go to bed to ensure that you have enough sleep. You can also challenge yourself with stamina and strength exercises.

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You do not need a long list to be in balance, regularity and being active is good for Kapha types! Make sure you always exercise with the right intensity, do not overdo it even if you are the strongest of the 3 constitutional types! Having a good laugh and loads of fun makes wonders for Kapha types.

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