Pitta during Summer time!

Pitta during Summer time sayoni care

Pitta diet in Summer

Pitta during summer time faces more challenges! It is a fact! If you have Pitta in your constitution you will probably want to have a seasonal routine during summer. Diet is important in order to balance your Pitta. You can use cooling spices like lime, coriander, and cilantro and try to include supportive food like avocado and asparagus.

In case you usually take Triphala, switch it with Amalaki and don’t forget to take some aloe vera to clean the digestive system. But is good to verify with your practitioner to see your current state and verify that is good for you.

You can take some cool sweets like ice cream to stay cool. The best hour to take them is at mid-day, one or two hours after eating.

Pitta during Summer time sayoni care

What to avoid

Try to stay away of hot, spicy and acid like chilies. Limit the intake of heating fruits like cranberries, heating vegetables like olives, sour cheeses, hard liquor and red wine. To find the best diet for you, pay attention to how you feel after eating.

During very hot days, you can drink a glass of cold-pressed juice of melon or watermelon, but do not mix them, always drink it separated. They will keep you cool and the sweet taste will also make your Pitta dosha very happy! They are super hydrating and delicious!

Pitta during Summer time sayoni care

Pitta during Summer time lifestyle

In Summer try to keep cool, emotionally and physically. Plan your time to be out in the cooler hours of the day. Stay hydrated with plenty of teas. Do some exercise but nor push too hard and integrate twists and forward bends into your yoga routine.

You can make face masks of sandalwood, and try to find nice shadows, during the very hot days is good to practice Shitali pranayama exercise, to make sure you reduce your body temperature!

Enjoy it, keep it cool and fresh and take care of your skin!

Have a beautiful one!

Sayoni Care Team

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