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Who doesn’t use a cell phone nowadays? Consciously or unconsciously we carry it with us everywhere. Besides losing communication skills, attention spans, we should be aware of their impact on our physical health, including fertility. What about your household appliances and electronics? In this post, we will focus more on radiation and fertility.

Effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and Infertility

EMR is all around us. The electromagnetic which provide non-ionising radiation (lower radiation), includes ultraviolet (UV), visible light, infrared (IR), microwave (MW), radio frequency (RF), and extremely low frequency (ELF). All these in excessive exposure can cause tissue damage. And from ionizing radiation; X-rays and gamma rays, which are more powerful and dangerous, causing chemical changes by breaking chemical bonds and surely damaging living tissue.


How EMF affect our health?

For years, scientists have been researching the effects of (EMR) on human health finding links between different EMR sources and various health conditions, such as cancers, headaches, and fertility problems even from lower frequency exposure. Damage from various types of radiation can affect sex cells, developing embryos and growing children, damaging cellular DNA, which leaves the body unable to repair it’s ‘injuries’, causing mutations that can then be passed along to the next generation of cells. EMFs has the same effect on the body as geopathic stress and as lowers our immune system functioning.

Studies also link it to behavioral changes, birth defects, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and being born underdeveloped, since they disrupt and interrupt the typical role of calcium in the brain. They also found that disturbs the millions of electrical impulses that the body uses to regulate cellular activity balancing our positive and negative charged elements inside and around each cell. How amazing is to be able to see through video-conference your loved ones who are far away or the fact that you can warm your meals up within 2 minutes? J

Fertility in men and Women: Radiation and fertility

With all the keep coming new lines of households and electronics, we need more years of data to analyze and that is why medical researchers will always be behind. It is scary to think that they could affect our fertility, but it is fact since we have never been in such a constant close exposure. Many types of research address that phone radiation decreases sperm account and mobility.  It affects sperm’s fertilization potential dropping by 50%. The sperm-oocyte interaction is decreased by 28% compared to unexposed controls. That is why we should never carry our phones in our pockets. Testicles are more susceptible since they are not inside the body and have less protection. Our blood density and circulation gets affected as well, and that is a clear evidence for women. Please see below picture where you can see the effect or radiation in the blood after 15 minutes exposure.


Source: “DarkfieldMicroscopic Evaluation of the Noise Field Polymer on the Reduction of Live Blood Effects Caused by Radio Frequency Radiation “; Dr. Howard W. Fisher*, Dr.Colombe Gauvin**, Dr. Seymour Pisarek, Sue Pellerin

The response of the ovary to the effects of irradiation varies with age and with dose. An ovarian dose of 4 Gy (irradiation dose) may cause a 30% incidence of sterility in young women, but 100% sterility in women over 40 years of age. Pelvic irradiation may also have a profound effect on the uterus, with arrested growth in the pubertal girl, and failure of uterine expansion during pregnancy with subsequent miscarriages and premature labor. Women trying to get pregnant or are pregnant should try their best to minimize and avoid EMR to be safe.

Be smarter than your smartphone


Electromagnetic fields are almost unavoidable, but we can reduce its effects. Experts advise to be 120 days exposure free, in order to restore…, but I wonder where these people go to hide where no radiation is found…

If you are not sure, you can get a meter EMR detector for less than 15 euros which measures the electromagnetic field at your home. We especially recommend it for people with long-standing fertility problems and/or suffering from miscarriages. You can make a difference in your personal environment by making some simple changes in your daily choices! Read more Find out 10 ways to keep away EMR!

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Knowledge is power, let’s keep the empowering cycle running.

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