10 Ways to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

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How to reduce radiation EMR?

Electromagnetic fields are almost unavoidable, but we can reduce its effects. Experts advise to be 120 days exposure free, in order to restore…, but I wonder where these people go to hide where no radiation is found… Let´s learn in this post how we can minimize and reduce radiation.

If you are not sure, you can get an EMT detector machine for less than 15 euros which measures the electromagnetic field at your home, which is especially recommended for people with long-standing fertility problems and/or suffering from miscarriages. You can make a difference in your personal environment by making some simple changes in your daily choices!

10 ways of reducing electromagnetic radiation (EMR)

1. Eat certified organic

Grass-fed, free-range, hormone free food. It will help you cleanse the system and will not add extra harm to your body.

2. The less wireless the better

Connect to the Internet with an Internet cord, not a wireless router. When is not possible, place the wireless router in the room you use the least. Disable your computer’s wireless connection. Avoid wireless baby monitors. If our goal is to really reduce radiation levels, do not skip this point.


3. Consider investing in some form of radiation protection!

For extra protection, you can wear devices ( or necklaces) or buy stickers (for your phone) that show to protect against radiation. There are some clothes made with 2% Silver, Intimate Protection T-shirts against electromagnetic radiation which reduces to 75% from a range of radiation exposure between 30kHz to 3GHz. For pregnant women, there are belly bands which reduce 99.9% of the exposure. There are also bedsheets and keyboards mats that can keep you connected to the earth. Orgone Pyramids, Gemstones, and stones can be also very useful. If you do your Yoni egg practice, there are some powerful ones that keep you grounded and reduce electromagnetic influences, check our Green Aventurine Yoni Egg, Red Jasper Yoni Egg, Obsidian Yoni Egg,

4. Conscious use

Use free hands or headset while you talk on the phone, and keep it off the body as much as possible, use a handbag rather than your pocket. Don’t put it on your ear until a call connects. Minimize its use, make fewer and short calls. Avoid using it when the signal level is weak *Reduce screen time from phones, laptops, tablets, and e-readers. Ensure that you do not sit too close to your computer or too long when possible. Replace VDU monitors with flat screens. Laptops emit greater radiation than PCs when plugged into power. *if you watch TV at least sit 1.5 – 2 meter away. Use your laptop on battery wherever possible and never use it on your lap. Use a remote keyboard and mouse.


5. Happy Kitchen

 Do not use or own a microwave, never to look through its doors of a microwave or be in the same room when is in use; Do you really want to eat that food? I decided 13 years ago to get rid of mine, and people still wonder how is that I am still alive…;)

6. Night Ritual

 Turn your devices (phone included) off at night, especially out of your bedroom; TVs, stereos, electric blankets clock radios, computers, computer games, etc. When not possible at least keep them two meters away from the bed, and make sure that no electrical wires run underneath the bed. Besides that they will ruin your sleep, they substantially increase your risk of developing a number of illnesses including fertility problems, because while we sleep, our body relaxes and is 150 times more open to the EMFs damage. Children are often up to 1,000 times more sensitive. Replace your alarm clock with a battery-operated device. If possible move your bed away from an external wall or with plugged big devices on the other side. Ensure your bed does not have a metal frame. Also turn OFF and unplug appliances when you are not using them.


7. Epson Salt

Epson Salt absorbs some of the radiation. Place containers in front and at the sides and back of your computer, you can replace them when the crystals become powdery.

8. Plants

Plants in pots are great absorbing radiation and purifying the air. Walk bare feet anytime you have some chance of touching the ground, ¨earthing¨ is very grounding. Spending time in nature or plants is very beneficial!


9. Avoid all sunbeds and solariums completely

10. Regarding static electricity;

  • Choose natural fibers for clothing and furnishings in order to reduce static build up.
  • Avoid rubber-soled shoes and synthetic carpets wherever is possible

In case you know someone that could benefit from this information, please feel free to share. Knowledge is power, let’s keep the empowering cycle running. All the best my sisters!

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