Make the best out of your Spring cleansing detox

.What are the benefits of Spring cleansing detox?

Spring, as the Fall season, is a beautiful time for cleansing, in order to protect our health for the coming months. In order to promote optimal health and well-being read about how to make the best of your Spring cleansing detox. Springtime is very important since we do not want that our Kapha dosha gets accumulated. It is Kapha season and Kapha is at its higher point of the year.

  • Eliminates toxins from the body
  • Balances and supports your weight
  • Calms the nervous system and the mind
  • It increases your energy level and vitality
  • Doshas get balanced and your immunity gets a boost
  • Increases awareness and your connection with your body
  • There are fresh organic spring greens and organic grains available
  • Season to enjoy more variety of organic fruit, and its juices
  • In the northern countries, we start to enjoy outdoor exercise and activities

9 tips for the best Spring cleansing detox!

1- Start practicing Dinacharya!

Dinacharya means in Sanskrit daily regimen or routine. It is the sequences of activities practiced daily to support our body during its waste elimination. These practices balance our doshas and increase our digestion. Classical texts include Nasya and other physical practices but you can start with the basic ones which are explained here: Spring, 6 detox tips daily routine; Dinacharya

How to make the best out of your spring cleansing detox sayoni care

2- Adjust your diet

Eating warm, light but nourishing foods such as soups, or mildly-spiced cooked greens, vegetables with grains such as quinoa, couscous, and millet, helps the body cleanse. Reduce and avoid red meat, refined and canned foods, salt, coffee, sugar, dairy products, fried food, saturated fats, and alcohol. Enjoying a lighter diet for a few weeks while the weather is changing helps burn ama. Drinking plenty of warm fluids, and fresh cold-pressed juices from seasonal fruits (room temperature) will help you to flush your toxins away!

How to make the best out of your spring cleansing detox sayoni care

3- Time to move mindfully!

Daily walks and another exercise suitable for your constitution and situation. While the cleansing period, you can slow your mind by slowing your body. Better focus on mindful exercises with deep breathing, which will support your mind along the change. Best time to move is between 6–10 am (Kapha time) to be energized and have a fresh start of the day. If you practice yoga, you would benefit from more twist poses.

How to make the best out of your spring cleansing detox sayoni care

4- Get more quality of sleep – Pitta time!

Good rest at night is indicated long term for a healthy life but especially supporting during cleansing periods. Being on the bed by 10 pm the latest is a must if you want to help your body to detox, during Pitta time (10 pm – 2 am) this time is reserved for organ healing and restoration. Sleeping before midnight is the most rejuvenating, your cells will repair and positively transform. We should go to sleep before our fire will awake, to avoid the temptation of eating since it is not the time for digestion but regeneration. Give yourself a gentle foot massage before bed to ground your energy and have deep sleep!

How to make the best out of your spring cleansing detox sayoni care

5- Sacred herbal bath / Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt baths activate fluid movement in the tissues and increase perspiration, while the herbal ingredients act as an excellent detoxifying agent as well, relaxing the muscles increasing body circulation. In case you choose Epson salts to start with a half cup and slowly increase it (if you can tolerate) up to 4-5 cups. Stop in case you experience heart palpitations or dizziness. With herbs never goes wrong, indication are on this link; Sacred Herbal Bath Ritual

Sacred herbal bath ritual - Sayoni Care

6- Pay attention to your thoughts

Get more connected to yourself. You can try to do all of the above but if the filter from our mind is dirty we will not see clear. Detox your negative self-talk and try to let go things that do not serve you (also thoughts and emotions) gradually to do not get stress. Make realistic priorities through awareness; what is your most toxic thought, food, habit, pattern or person? What is your relationship with it? Go step by step from your priority list, once you manage to cut one out you will have more energy for the next one. Keep in mind that after 21 days of practicing something we can turn it into our daily routine including so a new positive habit! Love your self-more since our soul knows what is good for us!

How to make the best out of your spring cleansing detox sayoni care

7- Detox Your Relationships

It is good to eat consciously and mindfully but also important to look at what or who is eating you. We need to understand that some people come to our path only during a certain moment. They do not necessarily have to stay for always and that’s totally ok, especially if they drain your energy. What do you need to change within yourself to deal with certain people? Put it on practice; speak up your boundaries with love! Nobody needs obsessive, hypercritical, judgmental, abusive or maybe negative people around all the time. Identify them, try to reduce the contact and do not speak about them, avoid any toxic environment period, avoid his / her social media, be open to new people and new situations to refocus your mind in a different direction. Surround yourself with people and places that love and uplift you.

How to make the best out of your spring cleansing detox sayoni care

8- Make space; Deep physical cleansing

It is very important to create space. Space will reflect a change in your habits and current patterns assisting in creating new ones. You will feel motivated and the new energy will be able to flow better during your day, which will make you feel good! You can start decluttering your closets and cabinets. Your clothes, your kitchen, your living room, your bathroom (replace things with natural chemical free options when possible, is an investment for your health)! Anything that you did not use from last 2 years, you can donate it, give it away, or swap it with family or friends! It can be a lot of fun! Certainly, it is much easier to do a deep cleaning while you play your favorite tunes. Making space on your laptop, on your phone, camera etc. is good as well. You will feel much lighter in all aspects and that will make a positive mental impact, you will have more space in your mind.

How to make the best out of your spring cleansing detox sayoni care

9- Energetic cleansing – Smudging mode on!

Whether we believe it or not, everything is charged by our energy. After the deep physical cleanse we recommend a big energetic cleansing, especially if people visit us often. For this smudging, practice is good to burn bay leaf, sage smudging or palo santo. And keep your practice once a week or anytime you feel you need it. For example after a fiery discussion with your partner.

How to make the best out of your spring cleansing detox sayoni care

In case you know someone that could benefit from this information, please feel free to share. Knowledge is power, let’s keep the empowering cycle running.

All the best my sister! enjoy the process!


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