The art of conception & Ayurveda


The beauty in the Classical Texts

As more we dig in in the classical texts from Ayurveda, we can see the act of making love to conceive a child, as a sacred collection of moments. The wisdom advice us to meditate and visualize the desired child while making love in order to attract his/her soul. Thinking about an image of a healthy and happy baby already helps, we do not have to go into very much detail. What they describe very specific, is the environment and the moment itself.

Along the art of conception, it is described how the room should look like. It should have holy and positive images and pictures which they will send a spiritual message to the soul entering the sperm & egg since they considered that having violent, dark or aggressive ambiance would lead to the conception of a warrior / dark child. Comfortable bed, a fragrance from flowers, positive sounds, light colors fabrics, the calm and loving atmosphere being right in the present!



Try less hard

Excessive intercourse can weaken the ojas and vital force from the parents which can lead to a lower immune system of the child. It also reduces sperm count. Through fertility awareness, the parents to be can focus their timing in a practical way. In case that the man did not have an ejaculation for weeks, it is advised to remove old sperm before the act of trying to conceive. In order to do not deplete the body couples should leave 2-4 days (depending on parents’ constitution) between intercourse counting from the day 6th, until the day 16th from her female cycle. Considering her day 1 as the first day of her menstruation. After menstruation is finished a bath ritual should be performed and from that moment on the magic begin!



What to avoid

If any of the following is present during the conception period, it might lead to a less optimum child; Alcohol, drugs of any kind, overeating, fasting, or thirst. Conception should be also avoided in case of present fear, feeling depressed, angry, dejected, grieve or while being in love with another person. Nature is very smart, if we are involved in a toxic relationship we might experience difficulties swell, either for conception or in regard to our child health. High levels of stress are the main reason for failing the conception. All from the above can block conception or the baby born could have some defects at any level.


What is the best time for intercourse?

According to Ayurveda the best time for intercourse is from 9 pm to 11 pm. Having sex during the day tends to weaken the kidneys. Midnight intercourse weakens the liver while down intercourse can bring weaknesses of the colon.

The texts describe certain postures which lead to bring imbalance in the mother to be. The most recommended and safe position is when she is laying on her back or on his right side.

Constitutions related to seasons:

  • Pitta constitution will benefit from conceiving during the fall season since the heat from the summer goes down
  • Vata constitutions will benefit from conceiving during the Spring season since the qualities from Vata season are gone
  • Kapha will benefit from conceiving during Summertime


Even though these practices are not allowed any longer to avoid overpopulation of females since many families in India prefer to have a male child, it is said that below points can help you while conceiving boys or girls:

Ayurveda-the-art-of-conception-Sayoni-careHow to conceive a girl?

Ph should be a bit more acidic since girl’s sperm is stronger than boys’ sperm. Breathing through the left nostril. Having intercourse on impair days from the cycle.

How to conceive a boy?

Ph should be a bit more alkaline since boys ‘sperm is faster than girl ‘sperm. The more foreplay the more pleasure and more alkaline. Breathing through the right nostril. Having intercourse on the pair days of the female menstrual cycle.

If you have taken care of your menstrual cycle, and you as a couple have been through a pre-conceptional treatment preparation and have performed a conscious conception, you have the best scenario for raising a healthy baby. Ayurveda has a detailed wide range of practices to support and maintain life.

Do you resonate with any of these points?

Feel free to share your thoughts about the art of conception!

Sayoni care Team

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