Do you Bleed in New Moon or Full Moon? Meanings

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Every woman´s situation is different. During many years tracking down our periods and searching for the magic word balance, we have been trying to align our moon days to the lunar biorhythm, thinking that we were supposed to bleed in New Moon. We read more than 20 books about the ancestral wisdom from many different countries, cultures, and civilizations and somehow the information at a certain point is contradictory. Are we always supposed to bleed in new moon or full moon?

What if we do not? Are we imbalanced? What if we manage for some months and later on, we come back to the full moon? What does it mean?

Meanings of bleeding phases:

1- Regular New moon bleeding:

Before even having electricity, women used to ovulate by their response to the brightness of the full moon. They usually finished their day after sunset and wake up with the sunlight. So regarding this aspect, we can say that they were more in tune with nature.

Women who bleed in the new moon are more ready to create life inside of them. The creating force goes more inwards, as the energy of the moon during these days is more reflective and visionary, inviting us for solitude, for preparation of new beginnings, etc. It is easier for these women to find their peace, connect with themselves, make time and space for resting since the energy of the moon supports that flow.

2- Regular Full moon Bleeding:

Along the history women that bleed regularly during this phase were known as healers, artists, writers, musicians, mystic sisters, between others, since their creative force was expressed outwards. They claimed to feel aligned with nature and their lives usually were more intense, having a stronger clear need for communicating and socializing in general. Their rest during their moon days was through the manifestation of their creations. This could be supported by the full moon since the effect during this phase is more energizing, which can be positive if we create the right environment (space and time). We can not forget that here the moon invites us to enjoy and celebrate life, intensifying everything, which can result as ¨negative¨ in case of unhealthy or imbalanced menstruation.

These women were and are usually less busy with the ideas of having babies since their creating force goes in other direction. This does not mean they can not have kids, or later on, when the time is right, bleed in new moon.

3- Constant regular clear pattern:

Penelope Shuttle mentioned in her book Alchemy for Women, a clear pattern which I can really resonate with, she calls it Wise women Cycle. It varies every three or 4 months, changing from full moon bleeding to New moon or vice verse, under certain regularity, being a constant alternation. These women know how to dance with the flow and adjust to the environment and seasons, being more introspective and finding their peace during new moon bleeding phase, usually during the fall and the spring. On the other hand, when the phase changes, they are led to be more energetic and dynamic, being forced to calibrate and fine-tune with themselves and the surroundings. This could vary per women, but both phases provide certain wisdom and consciousness. In case you are facing this pattern means you are able to manage it!

4- Irregularity, between the phases:

The full moon and new moon phases work as magnets for our menstruation. This last point here requires your attention even though you are not facing physical discomfort or symptoms, irregularity (bleeding inconsistently from waning moon to waxing moon) is a clear sign of imbalance. The stressful rhythm from today´s society, the street lighting, staying awake until late, eating processed food or the ones not suitable for your constitution can bring hormonal disharmony, followed by uncomfortable symptoms or diseases. Before those appear to observe this beautiful sign, so you can restore the balance and address it on time.

Our calendar is solar, in order to monitor how is the position of the moon you can get a moon calendar or diary, there are also many applications online which makes it even easier. You can also look at the sky every day (when possible and the clouds allow it) and see how the phases interact in life. It is so beautiful to connect our cycles with the moon and rediscover more female layers within us.

We hope you have found this post useful,

Big long hug to all the sisters from around the globe!

Sayoni Care Team.

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