Bring consciousness to your Menstrual Cycle!

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Improve your relationship with your Menstruation

How to know if you have a conscious menstruation? Women nowadays are searching for ways to remember the ancient wisdom of the moon and menstrual cycle since we lost connection with nature, with ourselves and with the moon rhythm. When we are aware of our cycle it is easier to heal and connect from deep inside, there are few questions that will make you feel more conscious about how you relate to your cycles. Do you have a healthy relationship with your Moon days?

Please find a quiet moment to answer the below questions on a paper:

  1. How did you receive your first period?
  2. Did you celebrate it enough?
  3. How was the reaction of your close relatives?
  4. What is for you to menstruate now? Any psychological, physical or energetic changes?
  5. Do you use menstrual products which are good for your health and the environment?
  6. Do you celebrate it every month? Are you able to feel gratitude these days?
  7. Can you read the messages that your body sends you through a long cycle?
  8. How do you react to them?
  9. What would you change from your menstrual cycle? How would you like it to be like?
  10. Do you experience any effect from the moon in your body?

You can see if above questions outcome are more or less positive. By observing the answers, identify in what direction or area you can make space for connection, and turn it into positive under the current circumstances, even if about something which already happened in the past. It is never too late to celebrate, neither to go deeper loving and accepting our essence and the circumstances.


Menses as bi-product of the previous month: Conscious menstruation

The menstruation is a bi-product of the collection from all the emotions, experiences, type of foods and drinks, speed etc, from the previous month. It’s a pretty cool way to observe how we behaved. Besides your constitution, you will experience things based on your previous decisions. For example, when you give too much of your energy (to others or in what you do) you will bleed more, in case you are not sure how to express certain things or release all the built-up energy, you might experience that whole cycle will be longer.  Self-acceptance through understanding is the key.

Moon Phase

Female Cycle Days

New Moon

Menstruation 3-7
Waxing Follicular


Full Moon Ovulatory


Waning Luteal


Is feminism challenging us?

Planning ahead your appointments and your agenda, leaving more space for freedom and fewer responsibilities during the menstruation helps so much. Being a feminist myself, sometimes I see that being a superwoman, doing the same or even more than the males around us, it makes more harm that balance. As we have more energy around certain time during the month, we also get more tired. It is a fact. We deserve to have the same rights but accepting that we are different. We are changeable as the moon, and we should use its energies to support our wellbeing, not go against the flow. This means that we should be able to take some time off during those days and that it’s totally ok. This is essential for a conscious menstruation.


You can allow yourself to retreat a bit from the social world during those days. All these advertisements that challenge us to ride horses, to jump from planes, do extreme activities while we use their products should be reconsidered. While a healthy menstruation should not bring any kind of discomfort, we should not expose the body to the maximum to proof that we are not less than men. The more we rest during those days, the easier the next menstruation gets!

How do you embrace your cycles? Do you relate well to your menses? Do you allow yourself to take time off?

Have a beautiful week!

Sayoni Care Team


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