Doubts about using Menstrual Cups?

Doubts about using Menstrual Cups sayoni care

Did you have a bad experience while trying to use your menstrual cup in the past?

Doubts about using Menstrual Cups? We still remember how were the first medical grade silicon cups about 12-17 years ago, they were very hard, not so flexible and ergonomic, the vacuum effect was very present!  After that, some companies introduced into the market completely the opposite, super thin materials which caused many leakages together with plenty of uncomfortable moments full of stains.

We hear many of our customers did lose the faith in menstrual cups some years ago due to that, even though they knew its benefits.  Well, after some years of research and trying many different brands we found the one that avoids all from above! Yes! We are happy too! (-: During the last 3 years, we only heard great feedback even from women which had problems in the past! So we are ready to share it with you!


10 reasons why you should use Sayoni cup:

  1. Healthy– Chemical free so brings hormonal balance (bye, bye to latex, BPA, dioxin, carcinogenic, allergenic, petrochemicals, etc.)
  2. Practical– No Leaks! Gain extra 5 hours between changes if needed (They hold from 25 gr up to 29 gr, depending on the size while tampons only 6-9 gr )
  3. Economical– No extra costs for approximately 10 years! Your wallet will be happy too!
  4. Personalized– 2 sizes. Invisible, comfortable, it feels like a second skin, soft, flexible, resistant, unnoticeable. You can adjust it to the length of your vaginal lips!
  5. Tidy– Easy to clean: Change and go! No smell at all, since is not in contact with the air!
  6. Hygienic– No risk of TSS, yeast, and infections, say bye to the itchiness!
  7. Caring– Doesn’t dry you out like tampons. Keep your juices! No skin rashes!
  8. Eco-friendly– Join the Non-waste movement! How much could we reduce every month all over the globe?
  9. Fun– In different happy colors depending of your mood and preference!
  10. Increase your Awareness– Observe your blood qualities and get to know your state of health. Connect with your body, with your biorhythm, and with nature!



Ready to try them out or give them another chance? For a limited time, we have this offer 20% Discount. ONLY 19.99 Euros! Click here!

Best present ever for you and your loved ones!


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Have a beautiful day!

Sayoni Care Team.

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