Sharing Eco femme Targets 2016-2017!

eco femme targets 2016-2017 Sayoni Care

Sharing numbers, achieving goals!

As Eco femme continues to see sustained growth in commercial sales which finance the Pad for Pad program, they aimed to expand their reach from 4000 girls to 6000. Actually, they exceeded their target number of girls by 9%, reaching 6539 girls! Isn’t it amazing? We are also very happy for them! Let us see in depth the eco femme targets 2016-2017.

Eco femme also crossed beyond their targets for the number of pads distributed and education sessions. While donations were less than the target, they were able to meet and exceed the pad gifting targets due to a financial surplus from last years program.


Number of girls reached


Number of girls receiving pad for pad kits


Number of pads distributed


Number of education sessions (direct & with partners)


Contributions received (in INR)



*The cloth pads are offered as a choice for girls, some choose not to receive a kit.


Eco femme motivation:

Sayoni Care completely relates and shares Eco femme motivation, and we are grateful to be part of it as ambassadors and add our little grain into this chain:

  • Because menstruation is common to human beings all over the world, it is a fact!
  • Because they believe this natural process has been silenced and shamed for too long, don´t you agree?
  • Because they dream of a world in which menstruation is celebrated as essential to life, is our fertile phase!
  • Because menstruation does not need to generate pollution, yes! it is possible!
  • Because they are convinced that a sustainable future requires respect for the earth and for our own bodies
  • Because menstruation matters to women and girls worldwide, in all spheres of life, to boys & men, and to transgender people!

Educational objectives Eco femme Sayoni Care


Would you like to contribute to this beautiful project?

Eco Femme is a registered unit under Auroville Export Trust which operates as part of the Auroville Foundation under section 20(4) of the Auroville Foundation Act, 1988. All trusts are recognized as non-profit, non-governmental organizations.

In case you have any doubts about their legal structure you can read about it here! See Eco femme legal structure 

There are two ways in how you can support them:

                1- You can help us to support them buying their products in this link: Eco femme menstrual Care. Their products are full of love, sustainable, good for your health, handmade and fair trade! Join the Cloth path revolution while you increase your Karma too! 😉

                2- You too can donate to this program by visiting and mentioning Eco Femme’s name in the box provided for “project of your choice”/ “specific Auroville projects”.


Spread the message and let´s change the world with little actions!

Have a wonderful day and do not forget to create your sacred moment!

Sayoni Care Team,


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