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Ayurvedic Hormonal Tea calms you down

This ancient recipe is designed especially for women’s health. It restores and balances your hormones and menstrual cycle. It relieves cramps, menstrual pain, heavy periods, hot flashes, PMS and mood swings. It calms down the nervous system, depression and reduces overeating! Get yours all in one!

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Create your sacred moment

We are here to motivate you, empower you and support you with the use of our Menstrual Care products, in a way that you can experience all the physical benefits while you connect with your moon time!  Once we understand how to work with the energies from our menstrual cycle and the moon cycle, we can go deeper and experience the bliss and gratefulness of being fertile every month. Any discomfort is a sign of imbalance so we can take actions to bring harmony in our lives!