Do you know how to read your blood?

How to read your blood - Sayoni Care

I often see posts in Instagram from menstrual blood which show clear signs of imbalance or even serious diseases. I completely support the idea of normalizing menstrual blood, since it is just part of life, symbolizes fertility and there is nothing to be ashamed of even if there is an issue. The goal of this post is for reflection. Do you check your blood appearance? How could you describe its qualities? Do you feel any symptoms along your moon time? Many of the severe diseases can be avoided through observation, connection and an action.

Our system has the same 4 requirements for fertility that a farmer has for a crop: season (cycle), field (reproductive organs), seed (ovum, also sperm) and juice (rasa, the cocktail of blood, hormones, mucus, and other secretions that fertilize the field and nourish the seed). Some problems with the menses can occur due to unhealthiness of seed or juice, others can arise from a change between seasons (all changes, also in our external environment, sleeping patterns, stress, etc), which disorganizes our biorhythms.

how to read your blood Sayoni Care

Since knowledge is empowerment, we will explain what are the signs of imbalance per constitution from the Ayurvedic point of view, which includes the features of 8 menstrual root disorders which are not related to structural or functional abnormalities. Modern medicine does not address or studies menstrual flow in such a detail, and that is why prevention measures for certain issues related to the Arthava (female reproductive system) are not so present.

Nowadays with menstrual cups or menstrual pads observation of the blood becomes easier. The goal is not to scare you, but to inspire you to observe and connect with your blood, with your body type, with yourself, learn how to read your flow and bring balance, in case is needed.

An action taken on time can avoid the development of severe conditions.

8 Menstrual root disorders not related to structural or functional abnormalities:

1- Vata dosha abnormalities:

If your blood has the following characteristics you might be facing the influence of the effects from Vata imbalance. Is your blood reddish black or bluish in color (like the dry hibiscus flower)?, slimy, dry, frothy, less in quantity with small clots mixed liquid fluids? Does it start slowly and with brownish colour, or just at the end becomes brown? Under this type, menstruation can be eliminated slowly and with possible perforating type of pain. We should not think pain is normal, it is a sweet call for attention.

*When not treated for long time probable parallel gynecological disorder could lead to oligomenorrhoea with dysmenorrhoea caused by nutritional deficiency.

2- Pitta dosha abnormalities:

When the blood turns a bit yellowish, or bluish tinge in color or maybe like fresh hibiscus flower, and is not shining, has a certain smell like pus or fungus (foul smell) or does not have unctuousness, we can probably be facing some Pitta dosha abnormalities. It is usually linked to burning sensation or located heat at the time of its discharge. These are very concrete signs to keep in mind when we observe our blood.

*When not treated for long time, probable parallel gynecological disorder could lead to inflammatory conditions of reproductive organs.

3- Kapha dosha abnormalities:

If your blood is whitish or slightly yellowish with abundant clots (bone marrow like), thick, sticky and sinks down when added in water, you should also pay attention. These kind of menstruation fall under the category of Kapha dosha, and are  mostly associated with the feeling of lethargy, sleepiness, drowsiness, stiffness of the body, and water or urine retention.

*When are not treated for long time, probable parallel gynecological disorder could lead to chronic endometriosis, endocervicitis, or cervicitis associated with oligomenorrhoea.

4- Rakta dhatu imbalance:

Rakta in Ayurveda is the second dhatu of the total seven ones. It governs the blood and the red blood cells, and it is related to Pitta dosha. It functions giving life and passion to life.

If the blood is bright red in color like fresh blood, and has very foul smell, this could be related to an early stage of endometrial carcinoma. Do not panic, but please pay attention to the coming menses and if it persists, please check with your health care practitioner as soon as possible for a check up.

5- Vata-Kapha imbalace:

This type of disorder is mixed between the 1 and the 3 from this list. If you see a severe amount of clots, when pain is present due to Vata and unctuousness due to Kapha.

*When are not treated for long time, probable parallel gynecological disorder could lead to malignant reproductive system, as example cervical carcinoma.

6- Pitta-kapha imbalance:

This type of disorder is mixed between the 2 and the 3 from this list. Menstrual bleeding looks like pus, there is possible fever, and internal or external feeling of heat is present along to symptoms from Pitta and Kapha described above.

*When are not treated for long time, probable parallel gynecological disorder could lead to acute infection of reproductive tract, chronic endometriosis or even pyometras.

7- Vata-Pitta imbalance:

This type of disorder is mixed between the 1 and the 2 from this list. Symptoms from both are present, plus possible delays with scanty amounts linked to also vaginal pain.

*When are not treated for long time, probable parallel gynaecological disorder could lead to hypoestrogenic olygomenorrhea due to nutritional deficiency.

8- Tridoshic imbalance:

Blood smells like urine and feces and it is caused by all 3 doshas. Again, do not panic, keep observing the flow of the coming menses, and if persists please contact to your health care practitioner for a check up and treatment.

*When are not treated for long time, probable parallel gynaecological disorder could be the late stage of cervical carcinoma.

How healthy menstrual blood should look like?

According to the ancient texts from Ayurveda from Charaka Sushruta, the blood should look like the rabbit blood, but nowadays its hard to imagine for most of us such a comparison. They also refer to the similitude to the seeds on the picture which are reddish with black stains.

It is mentioned that blood stains which can be cleaned by warm water without leaving stains is also considered as healthy. Balanced menstruation is the one that is not associated with pain or burning sensation, is not expelled in excess or in scanty way, and its consistency is not very unctuous. All the 3 doshas are balanced working in optimum state.


Awareness and prevention and two main key words here.

We hope that we motivate you to connect, to explore, to love and honor your blood because is sacred! It is good to know that as a result of the born constitution (Prakruti) each woman will have certain tendancies of imbalance. Vata dosha prakruti will be more likely to face more pain, while Pitta dosha prakriti can experience more mood changes, and Kapha dosha prakriti type will have the tendency of having more clots.

We consider very important that women knows this information because whether you believe or nor it can safe lives! The first three types are curable, but the rest of them might take some time or it can even turn into irreversible stage. Do not wait until is too late for a check up. Prevention is the key, do you agree?

In case you find it useful this article please share it with your loved sisters, knowledge is empowerment and that is our mission, empower women through ancient wisdom! if you want to know more about Ayurveda please check our section regarding this beautiful, holistic and ancient science.

In case you did not discovered yet menstrual cups or eco pads, please click here to check our section of menstrual care 😉

Long big hug to all the sisters in the globe!

Sayoni Care Team.


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