Make sure that your menstrual cup lasts forever!


Right care for your menstrual cup

In the past the first medical grade silicon was very hard, so the recommendation of boiling it for longer periods of time did not change much the flexibility, with the years were getting more and more comfortable ones. Right now the most of the brands provide softer, flexible and more pleasant versions. Boiling them for longer periods of time, only shortens the life of your menstrual cup, so you get to buy another one sooner. While this might not be applied to all the menstrual cups brands which are on the market, I can tell my oldest menstrual cup is 17 years old and still actively used looking as the first day. Here are the secrets to make sure your menstrual cup lasts forever!

How to clean your menstrual cup during your period

menstrual cup lasts forever Sayoni Care

  1. First and very important: wash your hands!
  2. Since silicon is not a material that harbors or shelters bacteria, it is safe to rinse it with cold water between changes and reinsert it. (In order to prevent discoloration is better to use cold water first and follow it by warm water afterward). Ideally every 4-8 hours, in order to make the blood flow, even though you run the risk of forgetting about your menstruation since it holds much more than tampons.
  3. As you already know, you do not need to change so often, but when you do not have water with you, after emptying it you can use the help of toilet paper or natural wet papers (chemical free) in the go until the next chance to change. Another option is to have a bottle of water with you.

Keep an eye in the little holes: stretching the silicon or folding it when the wholes are we can facilitate the cleaning, adding water or just the paper hole by hole.

How to clean it after your period is finished (valid for first-time use):

menstrual cup lasts forever Sayoni Care

-Avoid boiling it in a pot or microwave! If the cup sinks and touches the bottom can melt or deform your cup when reaching higher temperatures. Even if the cups survive you will shorten its life.

1- Keep an eye in the little holes: soft toothbrush (dedicated to the cup), or a toothpick to help remove stubborn debris.

2-Adding in a bowl just boiled water 100C will kill all germs and possible leftovers, also you can add some baking soda or 1/9 parts of apple cider vinegar, since both works excellent as sanitizers. You do not need to spend money on expensive cleaning products. Let it cool down a bit and put it out to dry on the sun if possible.

3-Store it in a small, clean and breathable place, to make sure that any moisture left can evaporate. Organic cotton bags are the best options.


Some sisters use Iodine every month and they address good results. Even though we did not try the tip, we rely on the sources. Iodine solution is what doctors use on their hands before performing a surgery, since its safe for mucus membranes and acts as good antiseptic.

How to remove long-term stains/discoloration:

menstrual cup lasts forever Sayoni Care

Something to think about is that Ayurveda considers a healthy menstrual blood the one that doesn’t leave stains. Read more here. Do you know how to read your blood?

-Leave it in the sun when dries, or close to a window

-Scrub it with some baking soda and rinse it with cold water. Baking soda also removes any possible odor left.

– Once every two years, I submerge the cup inside a bowl with some hydrogen peroxide and water, and I leave it overnight. Hydrogen peroxide is H 2O 2, t is used as an oxidizer, natural bleaching agent and antiseptic, safe to use directly in wounds and membranes since it is found in biological systems including the human body. After that, I will scrub it with baking soda and I will let it dry on the sun. Magic happens! You have a completely new cup!

Keep chemicals away!

menstrual cup lasts forever Sayoni Care

We are not much fun of chemicals or commercial products for cleaning, so Milton sterilizing fluid or tablets, even though the chlorine evaporates, is not on our plate. But at the end of the day, it’s about your personal choice. What is for sure is that you should really consider keeping below products away from your cup!

  • Hand sanitizers
  • Tea-tree oil
  • Alcohol also evaporates after its use and is in almost all houses. Make sure it’s all gone before you use it.
  • Bleach, or other harsh chemicals
  • Dishwasher detergents.
  • Soaps with scents, oils or lotions can leave a film of residue on the cup which can irritate inside.
  • Sanitizing wipes and washes usually have perfumes, alcohol, petrochemicals, even the specific ones advice for your menstrual cup, check the labels. Also is important that the soap is not antibacterial and that will not imbalance your PH, which should be slightly acidic especially from the week before your menstruation and during your menstruation.

In case you know someone that could benefit from this information, please feel free to share. Knowledge is power, let’s keep the empowering cycle running.

Wishing you all the best my sisters!

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