Understand your psychology through your menstrual cycle

psychology through your menstrual cycle sayoni care

We are cyclical and we are constantly changing. No matter if you bleed in new moon or full moon, you can use the pre-ovulatory, ovulatory, premenstrual and menstrual phases to understand more your psychology and your emotions. Going on our cycle favor or against it, makes a big difference, in terms of our relationships, emotions and our own wellness. Keeping track of our period helps us to know exactly where we are in our cycle, so we can plan in advance our meetings, appointments, dates, etc. Understand your psychology through your menstrual cycle here!

✴Pre-ovulatory phase:

For about 7 to 9 days, we feel more energetic due to estrogen. We are more open to trusting and we are more “easy going”. It’s the perfect time to meet new people or create new friendships. This phase is ideal to organize business meetings. Here we can face uncomfortable or more temperamental situations since we will handle them better.

You can use the pre-ovulatory phase to start a new project, to organize and prioritize. Use the great energy flow to catch up with the things you have behind you.

✴Ovulatory phase:

For about 4 to 5 days, we feel more friendly and loving towards friends, family and our partner, our libido also increases. We tend to prefer aesthetically beautiful objects and create gorgeous things. Keep your energy these days for your loved ones.

Use the ovulatory phase to give light to the project you were working on and to be more receptive. Knowing this, planning the agreement for your social life, giving priority to your loved ones and your aspirations!

✴Premenstrual phase:

During another 9 days, you probably find “more difficult” or ¨different¨ to relate to others. You will feel the need to isolate yourself and be alone. This is acceptable and understandable since your intuition is at its peak while your estrogen and progesterone levels go down. You can reduce your appointments here if possible. Do not plan important dates if they are not needed. Staying with the closest friends is fine, you can benefit from it, as long as it is not in a group.

The premenstrual phase could be used to solve problems, for reflection and to get what you have in mind out there. What is oppressed or what was hidden will emerge until they reach the surface, so take an action and get rid of them constructively!

✴During menstruation:

For approximately 5 days we feel more introspective, calmness and slowness will support this phase. Try to keep your social life as low as possible and avoid situations where you need to make important decisions or need to discuss. This time is for connection, and wisdom is reflected inwards. Communication with your loved ones in advance is the key, to respect and take some free time, so they can understand.

In the menstrual phase, we must do only the essentials. Keep it practical. Do not take new projects, and above all avoid stress!

Comprenda su psicología a través de sus ciclos Sayoni Care

Are you connected to your cycles?

Do you know what your current phase is? Do you have an application to track and monitor it, a lunar diary, or you just keep it in mind and feel the flow day by day? Are your hormones aligned with your natural reactions?

If your hormones need some support, you can try our Herbal recipe for hormonal balance, click here!

Create your sacred moment in each phase, your mind, body, and soul will benefit from it!

Get the best out of your cycle!

Big hug to all the sisters of the globe!

Sayoni Care

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