Physical and Emotional Root Causes of Vaginal infections

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Let us understand the causes of vaginal infections. The yeast (Candida albicans which belongs to the Candida species) first attaches itself to newborn babies right when they’re born, after coming into contact with the yeast from the mother, sometimes, it is shortly after. There’s a 90% chance that the yeast is present in a baby´ system around six months old. At this point it is harmless, the baby´immune system (which is still developing) prevents the yeast from growing in excess.

It causes from vaginal itching (light to severe), burning sensation during urination, curd vaginal discharge (with unusual smell or without smell at all), painful intercourse, local pain, swelling, to even redness or rushes around the area. Sometimes slight bleeding might be present. These symptoms can get worse during the pre-menstrual phase, since our PH increases. They are easy to treat but we should pay attention that they do not appear more than 4 times per year.

Do not confuse it with:

-Make sure it is really yeast infection, sometimes vaginal irritation and inflammation can be caused by bacterial overgrowth (bacterial vaginosis), allergies to latex condoms, semen or spermicides, food sensitivities, vaginal dryness, hormone imbalances.

What conditions increase the chances of having vaginal infections?


Possible physical root causes:

  • 1) Experience previously yeast infections in the past.
  • 2) Altered pH of the Vagina (more than 4.5).
  • 3) Imbalance in the intestinal tract flora. Irregular, weak or too strong digestive capacity.
  • 4) Excess intake of sugar, uncontrolled or untreated diabetes.
  • 5) Improper hygiene or the use of products with perfumes or chemicals, from soaps to tampons or commercial pads.
  • 6) Excessive sex or due to unhealthy sexual activities. It can be passed through sexual transmission, if recurs please ask your partner to be checked, since the percentage of yeast infections in men is as high as in women.
  • 7) The use of estrogen hormonal treatment (for example contraceptive pills, IUD), Inadequate progesterone production, immunosuppressant medicines, and antibiotics, etc.
  • 8) Low immunity or low local immune response of the vaginal cells. (HIV positive women have a greater risk of vulvovaginal Candidiasis)
  • 9) Iron Deficiency Anemia shifts the balance from our immune system, Th1 (the microbe-killing portion) and Th2 (the allergy portion), which creates our system defenses don’t work as well to kill the yeast and create more of an allergic response.
  • 10) Dosha – Agni imbalance: An excess of Kapha increases the pH while an excess in Pitta brings the pH level down below what is normal. High Kapha and low Agni are what mostly causes chronic yeast infections.
  • 11) During pregnancy.

Possible emotional conditions:

We need to agree that anxiety, chronic stress, not sleeping enough, insomnia, etc, weakens our immune system. It always good to work on the above, but there is always an emotion behind any symptom or disease, for vaginal infections, there are possible emotional causes:

-The underlying belief that women are impotent in front of men. Presence of nuisance with the current partner. They do not have much connection with their Yoni and Womb, and they do not listen to it.

New mental model:

¨I create all my experiences. I am the power.

I enjoy being a woman. I am free.

I listen to my needs.

I am connected to my Yoni.

I am loyal to myself¨.



The woman who suffers leucorrhea feels consciously or unconsciously angry about her sexual life. She does not listen to her real needs and she feels deceived in this aspect. Accuses her partner of wanting too much intercourse or/and she is not being able to say “NO”. It can be that she wants to please him when her body/mind/soul is not ready for it, and here is where the origin of the conflict starts. She could be the type who likes to have the situations under control and she feels upset because she cannot a domain that field. In many occasions the feeling that sexuality is something dirty is also present, deep inside there is a conditioning which pretends to be accepted and considered innocent.


It is time to change your perception related to your sexual relations. You might organize your agenda in a way that you avoid or prevent yourself from making love when your body wants it. It is your way of thinking that prevents you from acting. It would help you a lot to use your sex life to learn to let go, which would substantially improve your relationship with your partner. I’m not saying you always have to say “yes” to your partner, but you should dare to give yourself the right to want to make love and recognize it without fearing that your partner takes advantage of or has control over you. Accept the idea that it is not dirty to enjoy sex, always when your Yoni is ready. This above all means more communication and fusion with the beloved and most important with yourself.

If your Yoni is not ready and you go beyond her needs, she can create a barrier to protect herself in this case as a vaginal infection, to avoid contact for a while. Nature is very smart and always finds its way. Does it make sense to you?


A good moment to make a reflection in case you often suffer from it.

In case you know someone that could benefit from this information, please feel free to share. Knowledge is power, let’s keep the empowering cycle running.

All the best my sister!

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