A letter to a wild woman: loving a witch is not easy

A letter to a wild woman loving a witch is not easy sayoni care

This letter is worth to read, worth to share. For those who care and those who dare. If you think the text is too long, probably is not for you.

Big thanks to Hyedra de Trivia for writing such a powerful piece.

Loving a witch

Loving a witch is not easy

Maybe that is why so many of us remain alone for years without choosing it or suffer in a relationship until they find one in which they feel fully accepted. Loving a witch is not easy because nobody is prepared for it. Nobody thinks that one day you will find yourself immersed in a magical relationship, really.

It is not easy because we bring with us the memory of a thousand previous love stories and our heart beats with the force of a thousand lives. So the intensity of our feelings and what we expect from others sometimes scares us. It is not easy because what for other women are symbols of love, for us they are chains. The dreams and ambitions of others, for us, are prisons. It is not easy because we hope that the one we love will be better every day, as we expect of ourselves.

To dare to love a witch you have to be willing to turn everything that we believed whenever it was love. A witch will want you at her side as an accomplice, as a partner and lover sharing three lives. Yours, hers and the one you will build in common. You will never reach the center of your heart completely because that place belongs only to her. A witch will never give herself completely to another person because she knows that her true essence is only hers.

A witch will never lose her identity or pretend to be the one who is not in exchange for love. Inside the secrets of the night wind, the mystery of the moon in the eyes and the rhythm of the earth in her heart. How could she want to be another if she already is everything? If a man is not able to see eternity in a witch’s smile, he can never fully understand the immensity of his love.

Loving a witch is not easy

Loving a witch will remove your world, it will strip you of years of wrong ideas and will make you face what is hidden in the depths of yourself, it will make you look into the eyes of the mirror to discover what it is that she sees when she looks at you. It will make you dance to the sound of the oldest melody in the world. It will make you remember that it is not the first time you dance those steps, never forgotten and that it is not the first life in which you find it. Loving a witch will make you open the door to mysteries that you never imagined, finding but that you always hoped to discover.

When a witch loves you, you know what full trust is. He will never lie to you. He will never cheat you because it would be like cheating and lying to his own soul. If one of us loves you, you may feel lucky because there is nothing cleaner, naked and honest than the love of a witch. But we expect the same. The lie, the deceit, the betrayal … they will kill every feeling we could have for you. We will suffer and feel a deep pain, but we know how to heal and continue on.

You must remember that we are connected to the earth and its cycles, so we will not always behave the same. Sometimes the air will take us from one project to another and it will be difficult to follow us. Sometimes ideas will cross our minds so quickly that only another quick and curious mind can follow our conversation. Sometimes the fire will make us consume ourselves with passion or explode like volcanoes before what we consider unjust. Our fury may be difficult to face because not everyone can be measured with the wrath of a witch.

Loving a witch is not easy

Sometimes the water will submerge us in times of silence and melancholy, and it will seem even more difficult to reach us, but when we emerge from the sea of our emotions, we will love you even more because our feelings will be even clearer. Other times it will seem that the earth makes us worry more than usual for the material, but we will only be creating deep roots to be able to settle the home we believe together in time and in the future.

Maybe one night the witch you love will not stay by your side, but wherever you are, dancing under the full moon or exploring the darkness of the dark moon, you will be with her. Because when a witch falls in love you know that this union was forged by your soul and yours long before you were born, so you can be sure that it will return to your side. And it will make it more complete, happier, more witch and more in love than before.

Loving a witch is not easy

If you love a witch you will have chosen to share your life with a free person who, from your freedom, will share your world with you. That is why you must know that if one day she stops loving you, there will be no games or lies. There will be no cheating. Witches know very well the power of love, the strength of sharing life with someone who drives you to be your best version and dare to achieve your dreams with the assurance that there will always be someone who will believe in you. Knowing that you are loved in this increasingly solitary world is a gift that we must take care of and thank because it is not for everyone. That’s why, if ever it all ends, the last act of love of a witch will let you go. Only then can you both find the happiness and the desired life. Alone or accompanied.

And you, witch, if you have reached a time in your life where you are ready to share your path with someone, never hide what you are from the person you love. Show your soul, let your magic flow and tell him who you are from the first moment. Only then will you know that what you are creating is real.

If he loves you, he must love you whole.

With all your lives, with all your magic, with all your dreams.

With all the mysteries of your witch heart

By Hyedra de Trivia

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