Relax! How to remain Zen during chaos!

relax How to remain centered and calm during the chaos sayoni care

Once in a while, we might be forced to face challenging times, there is so much happening and doesn’t go as we might expect or would like. We carry a lot of conditioning regarding that life is hard and difficult and it is very easy to get out of balance, even making the situation worse. At a certain point, we can feel overwhelmed and get blocked. Our healthy nature should tend towards peace, love, and abundance; here is how you can cultivate your essence

1. Self-awareness call, relax

Make a list of your issues which going on (or worries) and put them in order of priority. Write how much influence you have to really improve each situation, and focus only on the ones that you can change. Trust that when you solve or address the ones that you can, you will get more clarity for the rest. So let the other ones in standby for a while. One thing at the time.

2. See the whole picture, relax

We often focus on what goes wrong, but do we see also everything around it? With perspective, we give the right size to each thing. Keep gratitude for what goes well and see what other potentials are present, maybe is time for a change, redirection or re-shape? Stay open.

3. Keep your routine, relax

Even though it can be very difficult and humans we tend to abandon ourselves and even certain responsibilities, that only makes it worse. Drinking and eating mindfully, grounding, nourishing and satvic foods, sticking to your physical practice, meditation, Hopponopono … whatever resonates with you brings stability. Stay connected to your body needs.

How to remain centered and calm during the chaos sayoni care

4. Take more breaks to really breathe, relax

Set your alarm every 1-2 hours and go out for a short walk so you can increase your circulation (even while you are at work) or just to remind you to pay attention to your breath. Try to make sure that you breathe as calm and slowly as possible. Slowing down you are breathing you can slow down your thoughts.

5. Keep it cool and light, relax

Once we take our time to process our emotions, and we recognize them and accept them, it is good to express ourselves and talk about our issues.  Often we gain objectivity and feel lighter after sharing it, but if we do it in excess we will run the risk of making them bigger unconsciously. Put it out, find support if you can, but do not recreate over and over again. Smile and take it with humor! Find the funny and ridiculous side and laugh about it. Try to smile without faking it and of course while you still take it seriously, but do not victimize yourself, since you will lower your vibrations even more. Take responsibility for what you can change.

6. Create your sacred moments, relax

Love yourself! Consistency in spending some time alone is another key to remain healthy. From looking at the sky, listening to the birds, writing a diary, listening to your favorite music, to connecting with your feminine side, applying a natural face mask, a relaxing bath, yoni egg practice, vaginal steaming… whatever works for you! Settle in your alarm, and take time to recharge. You will see how much clarity will give you to spend only 15 to 30 minutes per day! Check our sections of body care, menstrual care, yoni care to make easier and fun these moments!

There is so much happening, leaving us with the feeling that the world is spinning faster than ever! The information is spreading before is even digested, that is why is very important to stay calm and centered no matter what! If you follow the simple 6 above points you can guarantee to your self that your stress levels will drop and will remain down! If you think you do not have time for yourself, is a sign that you need to make it! Enjoy it!

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