Meet Saraswati: the goddess of wisdom, protector of women

Who is Saraswati?

Saraswati is the goddess of speech, learning, music, creative intuition, insight and spiritual discrimination. She is one of the main goddesses of Hinduism and she is considered as the purest woman. Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom and protector of women.

She is usually represented with four arms that symbolize the four aspects of human wisdom: mind (mana), intellect (buddhi), waking state (yogi) and ego (ahamkara). Saraswati is seated in a lotus flower dressed in white (purity), playing the veena next to a peacock (personal beauty pride symbol) and a swan. In two of her four arms, she is holding up a book (learning symbol).

Meet Saraswati the goddess of wisdom, protector of women sayoni care

Other names for Saraswati

Saraswati is also recognized as Bharati, Mahavidya, Vac, Brahmi, Sharada or Vani.

Where can we recognise her?

Saraswati is present in the swans, crystals, clear-running water, mantras, flowing speech, refined singers, and musicians, inspired writing, computer programs, computers, libraries, classrooms, language, intellectual acuity and literary conferences, writers’ workshops, bookstores and mathematical formulations.

Meet Saraswati the goddess of wisdom, protector of women sayoni care

How to invoke her

You can invoke the goddess Saraswati for study, learning, enhanced memory, musical skills and skills in speaking or writing. Similarly, you can invoke her for deeper meditation, insight, answers to questions and mathematical insight. Likewise, she can also help you with computer glitches, communication problems, if you need to take tests and learn languages. As a result, she can guide you to connect with your intuition through and an auspicious speech by saying the following meditation verse:

Ya kundendu-tushara-hara dhavala
Ya shubra-vastravrta
Ya vina-vara-danda-mandita-kara
Ya shveta-padmasana
Ya brahmacyuta-shankara-prabhrutibhir
Devasya ya vandita
Sa mam pahtu saraswati bhagavati

May Saraswati, goddess of learning, protect me by removing my intellectual dullness. She is white as the kunda flower, the moon, or snow. This goddess dresses in white and seats on a white lotus flower. She plays the flute and the god Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu adore her.

Try also this invocational mantra:

Aum aim hrim saraswatya namaha

Om, I bow to the flowing one whose essence is wisdom and the power to manifest

Courting Saraswati for creativity:

Sally Kempton on her book ¨Awakening Shakti¨ shows us a powerful exercise for Courting Saraswati for creativity:

¨First of all for this exercise, set aside half an hour when you can be alone. Use pen and paper rather than a computer, therefore you can feel the tactile sensation of having a writing implement in your hand and moving it over the page.

Begin by closing your eyes, and repeating the mantra “Aum aim saraswatee namah aum” nine times, out loud or silently. Sit for a few minutes breathing with the sense that you are breathing in clear, luminous energy from the air. Turn your attention toward your heart, and ask that your inner power of inspiration, the sacred feminine in the form of insight, flow through your pen.

Start with the phrase: “The sacred feminine asks to express herself within me as…” and write without stopping for at least five minutes. Allow whatever comes out to the surface. Then write: “I will know that the sacred feminine energy is expressing herself through me by following signs…” Again, write without censorship until nothing more comes out.”


We hope we have inspired you to connect with this amazing goddess, enjoy your beautiful journey!

Sayoni Care Team,

Images credits: Vishnu108 – DevianArt, CraftVatika.
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