Why you should give a break to your senses

Why you should give a break to your senses Sayoni Care

Protecting and giving a break to the senses is often referred to as Pratyahara in Ayurvedic and Yogic terms. Already the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali taught us the eight limbs to enlightenment. Pratyahara is the 5th limb refers to us tapping into our inner laboratory without being constantly pulled away from our center by external stimuli. We are not only feeding ourselves through food but also through the senses, the things we hear, smell, taste, sense and see.

Living in the digital age our five senses get a constant overflow of information, which makes it much harder to withdraw and take a sensory rest. We are used to constantly reacting to the information being received through our senses. If the senses take over and we are not connected with our inner peace we end up running from one task, appointment and incident to another.

We need our senses in our daily life, nevertheless, we should not be controlled by them. When we do not give our senses a break we get disconnected and we cannot take decisions from the heart anymore nor speak from the heart. Further, this can lead to overstimulation, burn-out, digestive issues and many more.
Giving yourself a break will help you to digest of what still needs to be digested and let go off what still needs to be let go off

Cultivating rest time helps you to create peacefulness and inner harmony.

Let’s have a look at a few helpful methods:

Digital detox

Why you should give a break to your senses Sayoni Care

Start to become aware of what you are taking in through TV and social media. Is it nourishing or depleting? See if you can start taking a few hours a day without any technical devices, do give your senses a break.

Move in awareness

Why you should give a break to your senses Sayoni Care

Whether you practice yoga or you practice mindful walking notice when the mind drifts off. See if you can stay connected to the bodily sensations and keep bringing yourself back with softness and tenderness.

Focus the mind

Why you should give a break to your senses Sayoni Care

Where the mind goes energy flows. So by guiding the mind inwards and moving away from the external stimuli, we can start practicing Pratyahara. Staying with one sensory organ, in the beginning, will help such as focusing on the sounds coming in. By staying with this sense eventually the mind will get used to the sounds and will automatically draw the awareness more inwards.


Why you should give a break to your senses Sayoni Care

There will be moments of drifting away and being pulled away from your center again. This is all part of the process, so rather by bringing yourself back with aversion and a sense of failure see if you can bring in different qualities of softness and compassion.


This blog post was written by Julia Blohberger from www.juliablohberger.com


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