Emotional blockages linked to Endometriosis

176 millions of women are officially diagnosed by endometriosis. Western medicine approach is hormonal treatment, laparoscope and later on total or partial hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and or ovaries and fallopian tubes) and hello menopause! Ayurveda approach is not symptomatic but focused on the whole system of functions, addressing each case from its root cause, where through; diet, lifestyle, Panchakarma and or purification therapies can be eradicated. Preservation of health and fertility is a high priority. But this post will be mainly focused on the emotion behind. 

As we mentioned in other posts, our thoughts create our emotions, so changing our thoughts we can change how we feel. When the emotion is the causative root of a disease, then we heal. This is a supportive approach to any current treatment that might speed up the recovery.

Bio-decoding: The role of the mind


The psychologic role plays a big paper since certain thinking patterns can develop certain emotions which are not beneficial for us. These emotions get stored in certain organs and create imbalances and diseases. It is very important to observe if there is any emotional conflict as a root cause or supporting the imbalance. Then, we should change that emotion in order to speed up the treatment and recovery process.

Emotional conflict in Endometriosis:

It is possible to have 1 or more from below feelings.

  • Fear to conceive
  • The anxiety of giving birth (the process itself) a baby
  • The worry to not be able to have kids
  • The concern to not be able to provide a good environment, emotional or physical. (The distress of feeling not being at home, the baby should not be born here and my tissues go out of its place)
  • Refusal to have kids
  • The feeling that is not your right to have kids

What are you thinking in the background?

According to Louise L. Hay, a possible cause is to feel insecure, disappointment and frustration. Also with the tendency of consuming sugar instead of loving ourselves, substituting self-love for sugar and feeling guilty about it.

The mental blockage from this disease is to realize that our believes create a physical obstacle which avoids in long-term the pregnancy itself. It is interesting to see how endometriosis ¨creates the appearance of another small uterus outside of its place¨. Lisa Bourbeau addresses that it is an indication that there is a physical urge for creating but the ¨how and what¨ gets distorted.

New mental model:

I am powerful and I am desirable,

It is wonderful to be a woman,

I am proud of my feminine side,

I love myself and I feel fulfilled with my life.


For a long time you thought that the delivery was scary, but now you have the right to satisfy your inner wishes of being a mother. Have the right not to be invincible, to be defeated sometimes in your creations or when you want to start new projects. It is all fine!

A good moment to make a reflection in case you often suffer from it.

In case you know someone that could benefit from this information, please feel free to share. Knowledge is power, let’s keep the empowering cycle running.

All the best my sister!

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