Fall Vata season Ayurveda -Signs and how to bring balance

Fall Vata season Ayurveda Sayoni Care

During the fall, we are more prone to face certain imbalances especially if we have Vata in our current constitution (Vikruti) since Vata dosha gets aggravated at this time of the year. Identifying the signs and understanding how to deal with their effects can make your life much easier during this period. The summer and the long days are gone and are replaced by the wind, dryness, more darkness and cooling temperatures (especially in this part of the globe). Let’s learn in this post how to remain in your center during Fall Vata Season Ayurveda.

Influence of the season in the psychology:

Are you feeling restlessness, fear, anxiety, hyperactivity or maybe confusion? Is hard for you to calm your mind? Can you sleep well? Do you feel grounded? How does the word commitment sound to you? How is your memory level, do you retain things for a long term? Do you realize that during this period you feel a bit more insecure, having more the tendency towards being down or even depressive?

In your digestion:

Typical Vata disturbances are constipation, bloating, hiccups, excessive gas formation, irregular appetite, craving more for fat and animal products, with a tendency towards sweet, salty, sour and spicy taste preference. Some people tend to lose weight. Do you have some dry taste in the mouth? Are your stools harder, dryer and or smaller combined sometimes with diarrhea? Do you experience some pain in the flanks?

In the body:

Do you see dryness or cracking present is your skin, heels, lips, scalp and/ or in your hair? Due to poor circulation, you might have cold hands or feet.  Do you experience weakness, a lack of coordination, fatigue, stiffness, numbness, pain in the body but especial discomfort around the pelvic area? Some people have more tendency to have bradycardia and tachycardia, having also difficulties while breathing. Another sign is to face some toothache, receding gums issues or some cavities. People with Vata imbalance are more prone to have a sensitivity to noises, ringing in the ears and dizziness. In women can cause irregular or infrequent periods, PMS, pain in the lower back and/or in the lower abdomen and cramps. In men, low libido, low quality sperm, and early ejaculation.

Fall Vata season signs Sayoni Care

HOW TO BRING BALANCE: Fall Vata season Ayurveda

Decreasing or balancing Vata Dosha;


Dominant taste should be sweet or neutral, sour and salty in order, since they are anabolic and warm the body up, bringing hydration and moisture. Warm nourishing soups and cooking your meals with ghee is very important in order to keep your body lubricated and to reduce the dryness. Root vegetables from the season keep us grounded. Add grains, squashes and cooked seasonal fruits. Try to avoid refined sugars and processed foods. Use herbs and spices which are supporting Vata.


Avoid stress, cold and dry places. Choose for some quietness, sweet music, warmth in temperature, colors, and smells.  Reduce your activity if and when possible.


Add more oil to your routine! Apply warm oil in your body, massage it for 10 to 15 minutes in the direction of the body hair, and have a hot shower after it. This practice is called Abhyanga in Ayurveda, click here to learn more about it. Oil pulling with sesame oil is a great practice as well for the health of your gums and teeth.

-Try to keep your routine.

Eating and sleeping at the same times makes wonders even if just the sound of the idea feels the opposite:) Gentle Yoga, yoni egg practices, meditation and relaxation work excellent.

-Pamper yourself a bit extra:

Creating your sacred moments, making time for introspection and rest is crucial. Prepare your natural new face masks, do vaginal steaming, connect with your sexuality and in general follow activities that do not require too much physical effort and do not expose the body to wind and cold.

We hope we inspire you to observe and connect more with your constitution and the seasons!

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