Kapha during Summer time!

Kapha during Summer time sayoni care

Kapha diet in Summer

Kapha during Summer time usually feels great! If you have Kapha in your constitution you will probably notice yourself really balanced on this season. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of your potential so try to get fit and maybe even lose some weight. This period will be favorable for that!

Your diet must be dominated by vegetables and fruits, preferably if they are astringent in taste, like peaches and cherries. Use a great variety of spices to cook and enjoy making your meals with cooling spices to help you to beat the heat. Because of the summer heat, you are able to go out and enjoy a some sweet but don’t abuse it.

Kapha during Summer time sayoni care

What to avoid

Limit the intake of watery vegetables and fruits like watermelon and avocado. Also, you should minimize the intake of carbohydrates like pasta. The best way to find the perfect diet for you in summer is paying attention to how you feel after eating.

Kapha during the summer season gets reduced. So this is the time of the year where you will notice more results from exercising, but in case your Kapha dosha is depleted you will experience negative effects. Make sure your element water and earth and balanced.

Kapha during Summer time sayoni care


In Summer you have the opportunity to overcome your internal feeling of inertia because of the bright and light of this period. Wake up early in order to do something active like yoga or swimming. Try not to be sedentary and move!

Enjoy the summer and although it is very tempting, avoid the consumption of ice cream. You can handle it!

Have a beautiful one!

Sayoni Care Team

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