Sayoni Care is online to remind you to water yourself!

Sayoni care is online to remind you to water yourself - Sayoni Care

We are super happy to be finally online! yes! Sayoni Care is online!

It took us a long while since we were trying our best to compile all the information to make sure we support you and guide you through your journey!

Our goal is to motivate you and inspire you to connect with yourself while you create little ¨Sacred moments¨ which are needed for women, especially in this modern society. It is in our nature that we tend to care and pamper our loved ones, while pretty often we end up having no time or forgetting about ourselves!

Water your soul-body-mind! More ¨Me times¨should be practiced in order to pamper, rest, restore, heal and love ourselves more so we can be able to offer our best to the world while we keep shinning. With this project, we want to activate the self-connecting wisdom for women empowerment through ancient wisdom, in a sustainable a conscious way!

We are Ayurvedic Therapists specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology, to support you sharing the knowledge from this Science of life, which we also mix with other ancient practices focused on women health.

If you have any specific topic which you would like us to cover please write to us, we will give it a priority! Otherwise, we hope you will enjoy your new journey towards more self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment.

Love and a long hug for all the sisters around the globe,

Sayoni Care Team.

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