Vata during Summer time!

Vata during Summer time sayoni care

Vata diet in Summer

Vata during summer starts getting accumulated. If you have Vata in your constitution you will probably want to ensure that you’re not overexposed to the sharp and dryness of summer. You have to focus on enjoying the heat while being relaxed and hydrated.

You can tolerate easier heating foods like cranberries, mango, and banana. In case you need to cool off, eat avocados or cucumber. Other foods that give you some benefits are beans, coconut, quinoa, sweet potato, and rice.

Sweets and treats are a good option for your summer diet but don’t abuse in cold foods like ice cream. Instead of that, try new meals like chai, spiced milk, and lassis.

Vata during Summer time sayoni care

What to avoid

You can limit the intake of astringent food, but if you eat them, make sure that they are well oiled and spiced. In that case, better take them for dinner instead of lunch. You will find the best diet paying attention to how you feel after eating.

Avoid being exposed directly to the wind, and make sure that if you travel around for holidays, it is recommended to do  Abhyanga Full Body (self-oil application) to keep yourself in balance.

Vata during Summer time sayoni care


In Summer you have to stay grounded and don’t forget to create stability for yourself. You should try to relax and maintain an open and flexible schedule. Do relaxing exercise like yoga, tai chi or walking and integrate 10 minutes of Shavasana to your yoga routine.

Vata during Summer begins to accumulate because it will be at its peak during the fall season. That is why it is very important that we keep an eye on, even if the warmth really benefits Vata type.

Enjoy every warmth day and take care of your skin!

Have a beautiful one!

Sayoni Care Team

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