What are Yoni Eggs? Benefits and purpose

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What are Yoni eggs? They are gemstones with the egg shape, and they can either be drilled or undrilled, depending on the different uses or wished purposes. They are introduced in the vagina for increasing energetic vibrations and strengthening the pelvic muscles between many other healing benefits. The use of this practice is around 5000 years old. This ancient practice carries so much inner wisdom from China and Tao philosophy, where women and men used them as a tool for longevity, health and keep the organs young from the inside out. Yes! Men used to use them too! 😉

Sayoni Care focuses on bringing ancient wisdom from different civilizations in order to increase and activate the self-connecting journey for women empowerment. So we will only limit this place to explain the female practice.

We are all unique, what Yoni Egg gemstone is calling you?

Each person digestive capacity is different, regarding physical, emotional and energetic metabolism, and so it is each person´ situation, so it is good to be open for the wonders of each stone depending what would you like to bring in your life or what are you searching for, keeping in mind their vibration and if we are ready to digest what they have to offer. Not everybody is ready to handle all the stones especially the ones with higher vibrations. Not to scare you out, but is good to keep it in mind, since nobody wants to bring imbalance. That is why we find so important that you get well informed. Even though there is so much information out there, do not believe it, do not believe us, just see with what you are resonating and if it makes sense to you.

What are yoni eggs sayoni care

What´s your purpose with your Yoni egg?

If your purpose is only to exercise, or just to try it out, we recommend a mild vibration stone, if you already have some spiritual awareness and have been working with stones or any other therapies to clear up blockages, and you honestly think you can handle high vibrations, please follow your call and go for it!

Ayurveda (The science of knowledge of life) states that ¨like increase like and opposite reduces¨, this way of thinking is always good to keep it in mind, in an area when we are trying to find balance. If one is very fiery, maybe is good to bring balance with some mild slightly cooling stones or vice verse.

What-are-yoni-eggs sayoni care

How does it work?

After inserting the egg inside of our vulva, the reflexology points get massaged by the use of the yoni egg, and our prana (vital force) gets activated, keeping us grounded (working directly in the root and second chakra), helping us to control data (air, ether) first, and depending on the stone qualities will help the other doshas and chakras as well. It releases the blockages on a physical, energetical and psychological level.

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Big long lung to all the sisters in the globe!

Sayoni Care Team

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