Why you should soak your nuts and seeds?

Why you should soak your nuts and seeds sayoni care

Soaking purpose

Raw nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors that keep them dormant and spontaneously growing. Soaking them remove these enzyme inhibitors to decrease the acidity (regulating our PH blood levels) and bitterness, making them easier to digest and to blend. What is very important is that by soaking them, the nuts and seeds get activated, increasing tremendously their amounts of nutrients, properties, and benefits.

Why you should soak your nuts and seeds sayoni care

Soaking time

Nut / Seed


8-12 hours

Brazil nuts

2 hours

6-8 hours


2 hours

6-8 hours


4-6 hours


2 hours

Hemp seeds

It isn’t necessary to soak


2-4 hours

Pumpkin seeds

4-6 hours

Rye berries

10 hours

Sesame seeds

4-6 hours
Sunflower seeds

4-6 hours


6-8 hours

Wheat berries

10 hours

It is not necessary to soak your seeds that don’t contain enzyme inhibitors. Be careful not to oversoak them because the essential minerals can leach into the water 😉

In order to soak your nuts or seeds, place them in a bowl and cover them with plenty of filtered water, so they can absorb and expand. Always rinse them before using them. Chia and flax seeds will become gelatinous, only soak them before using them.

Why you should soak your nuts and seeds sayoni care

Ayurvedic point of view

Nuts and seeds are important food due to their amount of protein and fat, but they are heavy to digest and they shouldn’t be taken in large amounts. That’s why all seeds need to be chewed to avoid problems of digestion and to aid good absorption. Roasting them makes it also easier to digest. The problem is when we overcook them since it will bring out more oil and the heat damages the oil itself.

For Ayurveda, nuts and seeds in their own shell are the best choices as they can last up to a year in this manner. Normal plastic bags are the worst choice to buy them, probably is best not to eat them at all if quality and freshness cannot be guaranteed.

If you soak your nuts and seeds you will rejuvenate the whole body and will support the mind through increasing function and memory. They also help to convalesce people to recover their strength and to prevent degeneration.

They are best for Vata type, lest beneficial for Kapha type and Pitta type falls in between these two.

Soak your nuts!

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