Yoni egg practice before conception, during pregnancy and post-partum


Our book ¨The Complete guidance for the Holistic practice of the Yoni egg¨ has been created to bring clarity in a holistic way to the ancient Yoni egg practice. There is so much information out there, and as Ayurvedic Practicioners especialised in obstetrics we resonate with below one, even though is not an ancient Ayurvedic practice. In case you would like to get our full Ebook, please go to our website for free download. Below we will cover the points of Yoni egg practice before conception, during pregnancy phase and post-partum.

Shelter for conception, prepare the body first


It is a fact that a regular Yoni egg practice can aid to an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.
Having more control over your pelvic floor can make the process of making love much more pleasant for you and your partner inviting the soul of future daughter or son to come to a healthy and loving environment.

We find so beautiful the pre-copceptional treatments and Panchakarma theraphies which are practiced in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is such a beautiful, selfless act in which both parents follow certain style of life, consuming herbal preparations and specific food according to their constitution, so they can avoid to pass certain karmic physical effects to their children later on, they prepare the shelter. The goal is to clean toxins, purify and rejuvenate.

If you exercise your Yoni regularly up to 1-3 month before conception you can assist in release blockages, being more ease and open, increasing vitality (your life force), activating proper blood flow into your pelvis and uterus. When your pelvic floor is stronger and circulation is proper, the chances of getting pregnant increases. Once the magic happens, you can cut down the delivery process time, the latent and active phase, especially the last stage, reducing the level of pain and energy invested.  For more personalized health advises and exercises depending of your constitution, please check with your Health care practitioner, to get the best out of it while you enjoy every part of the process.

Pregnancy phase:


As we mention before in our E-book: ¨The Guide for the Holistic Practice, Yoni Egg¨ , in the part of when not to use the Yoni Egg, we considered necessary to mention it again here since it is very important to keep in mind below:

-Up to the 8th month is contraindicated the yoni practice internally, you do not want to interfere in the fetus development, an increase of prana (vital force) could mix up the natural process of the baby tissues creating possible contractions and putting in risk your pregnancy and your baby´s evolution. After 8th month your baby is developed so that risk disappear.

-Apana Vayu is a subdosha from Vata dosha, rooted in the colon, located in that area toward your legs, which natural movement is downwards, any blockage during these crucial months can mix up the direction of Apana Vayu creating more harm than balance.

As obstetricians, we can recommend from the 8th month and on, some gentle passive exercises practice can be done with very low to mild vibrational yoni eggs, they can be recommended under supervision of a practitioner to get ready for the delivery. The time of delivery can be reduced an average of 1.5 – the latent phase and about 30 minutes the active one. Who does not want that? 😉

For example unakite is very grounding stone which creates a special bond with the mother and the baby. Check with your health care team to see what type of egg could suit your body constitution and situation.

Post-Partum, healing time!


Wait to restore your yoni egg practice until your health practitioner advises to you that it is safe to do it! We need time to heal, and even though this practice assists during the recovery process, the last thing that you want is to over stress the body. It is a sacred moment in your live per say, and it can be very dramatic and shocking for the majority. Take the time that it needs.

The yoni Egg practice can bring you back to a pre-pregnancy state regarding your pelvis and womb. Just 5 minutes of practice every other day will help your regaining tone, strength and flexibility. You can increase the practice time progressively as long as you leave one day in between for recovering, healing and resting. Some of the free days, you can treat yourself with a Vaginal Steam indicated for postpartum, which will relax the walls, assisting in the restorative process.

In case you have any scars make sure they are hydrated and moisturized, maybe by applying some cold press oil suitable to your constitution. Every little attention and act of love that you dedicate to your self will improve the rehabilitation time.

Give yourself the time to be ready for intercourse again with your partner. Connect with your body first so that you are grounded and recovered. Make sure that doesn’t bring any stress or unpleasant feeling. But being open to receive love, foreplay, cuddling, love making without penetration can also speed up the healing. Love and feel loved, give it, but most important allow the love to be received.


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