10 Important things for a Healthy Pregnancy

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni Care

What the mother takes through the sense organs goes into the development of the baby´s sense organs. Healthy environment and actions are a must for a healthy and stable baby. In the past, some traditional ceremonies were celebrated along the different stages of pregnancy to make sure that each sense is being addressed. Let us see what are the 10 important things to be considered for a healthy pregnancy.

There is never enough emphasis that women should be surrounded by loving, pleasant and beautiful things, sounds, touch, tastes and smells during pregnancy. Happiness and love are true nourishment for mother & the baby.

10 Important things to consider when you are pregnant:

1 – Avoid conflicts:

During the first 2 months only, the astral projection connects the baby to the current body. The 4th month is super important since the heart starts to develop as the seat of the consciousness. From here on, the baby´s desires will manifest through the mother desires. If the mother has difficult situations with the husband or close relations during this month, the baby might develop heart defects.

After here, the mental body becomes connected to the physical body. In any situation where the mother is under stress, the baby will feel it as well. It is very important to make sure that our nerve system is calm.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

2 – Protect your senses:

Avoid unhealthy relationships, disturbing movies or TV series, violent images, aggressive books or readings, loud noises or music, etc. A great way of protecting your senses is to be surrounded by positive people you love, always when they also love you, allowing yourself to receive their love. Let yourself to be pampered. Meditate, sing, chant Om, pray, listen to beautiful music, etc. Be in touch with your divinity.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

3- Avoid Sex:

During sex, we use up Ojas and in excess, our doshas come out of balance, especially Apana and prana which leads to problems during pregnancy and during giving birth. Mothers are also more prone to face infections if they have intercourse since the body is creating a barrier to prevent the coitus. Practices like Yoga, meditation or pranayama can help to control sexual desires. In case sex in done should be practiced with so much awareness, care and love for the mother and baby, feeling always good for the mother to be.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

4 -Day sleep:

Sleeping during the day can cause imbalances especially for Kapha types. In case you are not sleeping well at night and you are very tired it can be beneficial for Vata constitutions to have a little nap during the day. The act of resting is beneficial at the right times in the right amounts depending on personal needs and situations.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

5 -Vigorous exercise:

Try to avoid intense exercise that can disturb Apana Vayu, where speed is present along with the need of using a higher amount of your capacity. This will diminish Ojas, the immune system and the vital force. Avoid sweating, since it is an indication that you have overcome more than what is indicated. Skiing, horse riding, long bike rides, running should also be kept on hold. Sweet and gentle stretching asanas are indicated for keeping the pelvis flexible. Fresh morning walks or short-term swimming is also beneficial.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

6- Take a warm bath:

It will relax your muscles and avoid tension, increasing circulation. When we are tense the body keeps the toxins locked instead of moving them out. Practice auto-massage while you integrate and digest your body changes. It will help you to stay in the moment while enjoying consciously every part of the process.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

7- Perineal Massage:

If you massage the vagina every other day with licorice ghee, you will make sure that are preparing the tissues to stretch readily without any damage during the delivery. Starting from month 8th is advised. Also the more toned and well lubricated is the area the more it will ease the pushing stage. It works the best when the partner does it to her but when is not possible she can also apply to herself while sitting on the toilet or while lying down on her left side. The woman can practice relaxation of this muscles when practicing this. After 1-2 weeks we can see the difference during the massage while we stretch the muscles. We should gently continue to push till the limit of stretching until the big day.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

8- Pelvic floor exercises:

During the pregnancy, the muscles from our pelvic floor must support the weight of the baby as well as the bladder and the uterus. This exercises for toning and strengthening the muscles are indicated along with all our lifespan. They increase circulation and make the tissues healthier. In case you incorporate n your life the Yoni Egg Practice, please wait until the month 8th to do not interfere in your child development. For more information read here. Yoni egg for Pregnancy and Postpartum.

Very important that you put the same attention and intention in squeezing than in letting it go, to do not create atrophies. For sure healthy muscles will ease the delivery and will speed up the recovery after giving birth.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

9- Warm sesame oil:

Rub the soles of your feet with warm sesame oil to balance your Vata and stimulate the energetic points. It will help the energy flow along the body while we are sleeping. If you have a more fiery nature, during summer you can also apply almond oil or coconut oil.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

10- Listen to your digestion.

Observe your food: From the 8th month, the Ojas (vital fluid) moves from the mother to the baby. We need to make sure that we create and conserve this Ojas. Are you digesting well? Increase the amount of ghee, dates, apricots, almonds, certain jam herbs depending on the constitution ashwagandha or Shatavari. Etc.

10 general important things for a healthy pregnancy Sayoni care

Wishing you a wonderful delivery!

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